1000 movies downloaded in 1 second, world record for internet speed

With the advent of 5G internet speeds, GPS – Terabytes per second have broken all world records with the help of a special chip and Australian researchers have found the internet speed is in terabytes per second.

The speed of internet data is such that it can download more than 1000 HD movies in just one second. Which has broken all world records.

The speed of the internet in terabytes per second is so fast that it can download more than 42 thousand GB of data in just 1 minute. The new world record is set at a speed of 44.2 Tbps.

A good broadband connection gives a top speed of 100 Mbps. That is, 100MB of data is received in one second. In mobile data or wireless connections this speed is less than 1 Mbps. The speed at which researchers have found in TBPS is 1000 billion units of digital data in one terabyte.

Downloaded 44,200 GB of data per second. More than 86 smartphones with 512 GB storage and more than 172 smartphones with 256 GB storage can be filled in a single second.

Britain’s average broadband speed is 64 megabytes per second. The record is created using a single chip called Micro-Combe, which replaces 80 levels of existing telecom hardware with just one small chip. New technology, self-driving cars, medicine and education will be the biggest help in this speed.

The inventor of a micro-comb smaller than a coin is David Moss, a professor at Swinburne University. The demand for bandwomen can be met with new inventions. The design for the Internet will work faster in the next two to three years. This will provide many times faster speeds and internet related work can be done in the blink of an eye.