Microsoft’s Satya Nadela wants to buy US TikTok, it’s a mystery why no one bought it in India

Global technology company Microsoft, Tiktok’s U.S. The operation is ready to buy. President Donald Trump has said that there are two options, either the ban or the sale of Tiktok. There are some other things we can do. There are several options. We are seeing a lot of options related to Tiktok. Microsoft-led Indian-American Satya Nadella-led company is in talks to acquire Ticketok’s US business. The deal could be worth billions of dollars.

Representatives from Microsoft, Bytons and the White House can join the conversation. Negotiation is possible and the deal does not happen. Bitdance is the parent company of Tikitok in China. In recent weeks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Tiktok of gathering personal information about Americans. India has banned 106 Chinese applications, including ticketlock. Which is endangering the privacy and security of its citizens. Satya Nadel of India did not buy Tiktok in India, they are likely to buy America, such a mystery has arisen. May deprive Bitriens of ownership of Ticktock’s American campaigns.