UN report on police attacks and atrocities on Patidars remained secret for 5 years


Gandhinagar, 8 January 2020

On August 25, 2015, after watching the police atrocities on TV at the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad, people created a ruckus in front of the BJP government in Gujarat. On 25, 26 and 27 August, on the instructions of a BJP leader, the police barged into the house of a Patidar, vandalized, beaten and shot 8 Patidars to death. Women were harassed. The case is still going on.

The Patidars lodged a complaint with the United Nations on 25 March 2016 for Gujarat’s Anandi-Rupani governments and Modi government not taking any action. Nothing has happened about the formation of the Munj Commission. The government did nothing against the responsible police officers. Complaints were filed in the Women’s Commission, Human Rights Commission, Police Commission. No action has been taken in this regard.

An application was made by nearby spokesperson Varun Patel to the United Nations to investigate the case. All evidence and videos were provided.

Following the request, the UNO wrote a letter to the Human Rights Commission of India asking it to investigate. Two months after the letter, Varun Patel’s reply was taken to the Ahmedabad Bopal police station. The letter was sent 2 months ago, but the reply was taken 2 months later. Police have not released any details about what they reported. The Bopal police is keeping it a secret.

The Patidars were oppressed throughout Gujarat on 25, 26 and 27 August. People were beaten up for speaking abusive language. There was gross violation of human rights.

If the correct answer was given, the issue of repression on the Patidars would increase the difficulty of the police in the Government of India, the Government of Gujarat in the United Nations. That is why even Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not ready to do anything.

No information has been given to Varun Patel till 8 January 2021. they are waiting.