3 lakh deaths due to Korana in Gujarat, give 4 lakh to everyone – Congress


BJP government will remember only after High Court and Supreme Court strike – Jagdish Thakor

So far 3 lakh citizens have lost their lives in Gujarat due to the clumsy administration and corrupt policy, lack of system and negligence of the system.

The citizens of Gujarat were the victims of BJP government’s incompetence, lack of planning and will, rampant corruption and black marketing during the tenure of Koro.

In order to provide justice to the relatives of the deceased who died in Corona, details will be presented to the Governor-President with full details.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Jagdish Thakor said in the press conference that due to the lax administration and corrupt policy of the BJP government, lack of official governance and negligence of the system, about 3 lakh citizens have lost their lives in Gujarat.

To help the corona victims, not Rs 4 lakh, but Rs 200 crore is for buying the Chief Minister’s aircraft and Rs 8,000 crore for the Prime Minister’s aircraft. Kovid often has to go to government offices to help the family of the deceased. Citizens are feeling helpless. In death sleep there is no covid death and the cause of death does not contain covid. Even after several attempts to collect evidence, no help was found. It is only after the strike of the High Court and the Supreme Court that the BJP government remembers the ‘Citizens of Gujarat’. This is the ‘Good Governance’ model of the BJP government.

Congress party national leader Rahul Gandhi constantly tried to convey the sentiments of the corona victims – the plight of their families. The Congress party will convey the exact details of rural-urban deaths to the government. The Congress party is ready to give an assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the families of the dead in Corona, the worker is ready.

The BJP government has money to buy expensive aircraft, waive off lakhs of crores of rupees of industrialists. Crores of rupees are wasted behind their festivals and celebrations. But in Gujarat there is no budget to give Rs 4 lakh to the family of the deceased from Corona.

Gram Sabhas are called for official and partisan programs. Then why is the Gram Sabha not convened to help the families of the Kovid dead? In the Corona period, the citizens of Gujarat have been victims of BJP government’s incompetence, lack of planning and will, rampant corruption and black marketing. “It came to our notice then. But the hopes and aspirations of the people of Gujarat were dashed and their faith was shattered. The BJP government allowed the people to live in these difficult times. After the first wave, the second wave of oxygen, empty beds , Black marketing of remedial injections, Black marketing of medicine, Long queues for 108 ambulances, 48 ​​to 72 hours wait for ambulances, Criminal negligence of the government, Clumsy administration, lack of planning, difficulty and loss of family members. People are killed in the name of death, just as people in Gujarat don’t get hospital beds, people have to wander again and again for oxygen, injections are blackmailed, people without ventilators are pushed to the brink of death and Those in the government continue to be the spectators.The announcement of helping 8000 destitute children by the BJP government on 17th September means that a total of 13000 children have become destitute as per the official list of the government.

The Congress party has demanded immediate financial assistance to the families of the deceased in Kovid.