Gujarat CM Rupani’s minister’s brother resigns, rebel against Patil and BJP corruption

bjp vijay
bjp vijay

Gandhinagar, 5 February 2021

Vijay Patel, brother of Ishwar Patel, minister of Rupani Pradhan Mandal of Gujarat government has resigned from BJP. The reason behind the resignation is against CR Patil and the corruption of the party.

He was elected from BJP as a member of Bharuch District Panchayat. Was in BJP for many years. He was the President of the Taluka Panchayat. His sudden resignation has shaken the Gujarat BJP.

Vijay Patel has accused local leaders of corruption. He clarified in a letter to BJP state precident CR Patil that there was a personal reason. But he has also made big allegations on local leaders. In a way, there is rebellion in front of Patil’s decision.

He said that local leaders are riddled with corruption. I have no objection to the ideology of the party. But I object to the ideology of the party persons-workers. BJP do not fulfill any promise made at the time of the election. I will decide the next strategy as my activists would say.

However, there is a discussion that the BJP objected to the new rules announced by the state president. Nevertheless, Vijay Patel is 60 years old. So that there could be a reason behind the resignation.

Also, the decision of the age of 60, no ticket for the relatives of the leaders under the rule of three, is troubling many leaders somewhere.

The BJP Parliamentary Board has decided not to give election tickets to former mayors in all metros.

However, famous faces will change parties in the near future. Also, if anyone else suspects of resigning.

Vijay Singh Patel, brother of the State Minister Ishwar Singh Patel, has created panic in the state government.

Vijay is a former chairman of Hansot Taluka Panchayat and chairman of APMC as well as affiliated to Hansot District Bank.

Vijay Patel had earlier resigned during the MLA election. However, he withdrew his resignation after persuading by Mowdi Mandal. He has resigned before re-election. His letter is circulating on social media.

He said that instead of the ideology of the party, the ideology of the individual is implemented. BJP leaders are immersed in corruption. The party no longer has the ideology of the party. The ideology of the person is going on. The ideology of adulterous, corrupt is going on.