32 Earth Observation Sensors currently in orbit, providing space based information

Delhi, 18 SEP 2020
written reply in Rajya Sabha today that there are 32 earth observation sensors with advanced capabilities, currently in orbit, providing space based information.Five earth observation satellites and five communication payloads were realized since January, 2018.Information support was provided for all the major disaster events viz. floods, cyclones and forest fires occurred since January 2020.

About 2,51,000 value added data products were disseminated to users since April 2020. The value added products comprise of geophysical & remote sensing data products derived using the data from meteorological, oceanographic and land remote sensing satellites.The total number of satellites launched by ISRO that are no longer operational (life ended)and currently in orbit are 47 (26 satellites are in LEO/Low-Earth-Orbit and 21 are in GEO/Geosynchronous-Equatorial-Orbit).