Narmada dam gets less water than last year

Kevadia Colony, 18 September 2020
This year, due to less rainfall in the catchment area of ​​the Narmada Dam, the inflow of water into the dam was less. Last year’s revenue was 34 thousand mcm, but this year it is about half 17 thousand mcm. Currently, 587 million cubic meters of water is stored.

More than 10 lakh farmers and 14 lakh hectares will benefit from irrigation. Water can be availed up to 750 km from the dam.

7 municipalities, 165 cities and more than 9 thousand villages will get drinking water. 3.32 crore units of electricity are being generated. Its value is Rs 13.25 crore.

Closed engineering is considered an outstanding achievement. The 27 buildings can be built like the famous Burj Khalifa and a paved road from London to New York can be used to make a lot of building material in its construction.