5 questions from the government – who is responsible for installing waste ventilators?

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Gandhinagar, 21 May 2020

The government is defending the company of Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC, a friend of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani who lives in Rajkot. The government is defending the sanctioning authorities. If not, the government should answer these questions.

1 – The imperfection of the machine reflects the criminal negligence of the Gujarat government? The government says that the ventilator does not require a state or central government license as per the guidelines of the Drug-Control General of India.

2 – The difference between an ambu bag and a ventilator was that the CM did not know that he was turning his eyes towards a capitalist friend of Rajkot?

3 – OSD, Civil Hospital Drs. MN Prabhakar admits that the views of experts were noticed during the demo. These machines will be upgraded and used as required. The indigenous ventilator Dhaman-1, manufactured in Rajkot, is of primary level and here doctors are instructed to make necessary improvements. Equipment such as compressors, mixers, humidifiers and calibrations will be connected to the next stage of the blower-1 ventilator by the respective manufacturer.

4 – Why buy 1 thousand ventilators at once under the pretext?

5 – Why are these devices still kept in the hospital? Why did they not return? Why the government is still defending the Rajkot company. Only hospital officials believe that the disturbances will be rectified. So why is Vijay Rupani defending his friend Jyoti CNC owner Parakram Singh Jadeja?