4 The lions surrounded the ambulance in the forest of Gir, the woman gave birth to a baby girl

A pregnant woman in Gujarat has given birth to a baby among many Gir lions. The woman had to stop in the middle of the forest as the lions surrounded the ambulance. Where she gave birth to a child.

The woman was taken to hospital after the lions were removed at the seam of Bhakha village in Gadda, both the child and the woman are healthy.

In fact, at 10.20pm on May 20, the woman suddenly had labor pains. Sabarish Rafiq of Afsa in Bhakha village was in pain. The woman was in excruciating pain. The family immediately called 108 and saw his serious condition and called an ambulance. As soon as the ambulance left for the hospital with the woman, 4 Gir lions came in the middle of the vehicle from the village and stopped the van.

Seeing the intent of these lions, it seemed as if they were standing in the way of an ambulance. No one dared to get these lions out of the way. Because he was in the crowd and it was late at night. So the fear was more, the woman was suffering from pain. Who needed to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. The woman gave birth to a baby girl in an ambulance.

During the whole incident when the baby was born the lions were standing there blocking the way of the van. The four lions were moving around the car. 20 minutes later when the baby was born, the lions were leaving the road. The mother and daughter were shifted to Gir Gadha Hospital.