In Ahmedabad, medical checkup of 23 thousand people was done by Dhanvantari Rath

Ahmedabad, 22 May 2020

So far 23 thousand people have undergone medical checkup by Dhanvantari Rath in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. Dhanwantari Rath has carried out operations in 14 wards of Ahmedabad.
ST service has been started in the state from Wednesday. Then Supply Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the general service of ST in the state has been started for the public. In one day, ST’s 46 express trees were started. The state benefited about 24,000 passengers in a single day. Passengers were facilitated to travel in ST with the condition of the state government.

BJP’s Kayakata O Dwar Jamalpur Ward President. General Secretary Khadia came to the Jamalpur Assembly in the presence of the Mayor and other leaders to raise awareness through the Dhanvantari Rath which was attended by a large number of people from the area. The program goes on to say whether the plan belongs to the BJP or the government. The BJP cannot stop taking advantage even in Corona. The scheme, which started in 2016, is now being shown in Ahmedabad as a new scheme started by Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Indeed Dhanwantari Rath has been running for 4 years.

Health check-ups were started on Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 160 places in 10 wards of Ahmedabad city, which are in the grip of the corona virus.

40 Dhanwantari Rath-Mobile Medical Vans will be sent for 15 days. This Dhanvantari Rath will cover four points from 8 am to 5 pm. Services will be provided for two hours at each point. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has organized a video conference and formulated a strategy to guide the investigation.

The ten red zones include Behrampura, Danilimda, Maninagar, Gomtipur, Rakhial, Saraspur, Asarwa, Khadia, Jamalpur, Shahpur and Dariapur. Dhanvantari chariots will be sent to approximately 10-10 places in each area.

Special care will be taken in screening of persons falling into the category of high risk patients suffering from other serious diseases including diabetes, heart and kidney.

Homeopathic-Ayurvedic medicines will also be distributed to boost their immunity. In addition to Allopathy Doctor-Ayurveda Physician, a team with Lab Technician, Pharmacist, Paramedical staff will be deployed in Mobile Medical Van-Dhanvantari Rath.

Voluntary service organizations, corporators, to involve the people in this comprehensive campaign of health check-ups, “My ward will work to bring everyone to Dhanvantari Rath by making a resolution of a coronamukt ward. Those who come to this chariot will have to strictly observe social distance.


Auda CEO Atul Gore has been given the special responsibility of coordinating the entire operation. Citizens of the containment zone will get health care at home.

Individuals with common ailments will also receive treatment, as well as aggression in corona suspects’ testing-health check-ups.

A mobile medical van with a whole team of allopathy doctors, an AYUSH doctor, lab technicians, pharmacists and paramedical staff will be deployed at 4 location points daily for two consecutive hours for 15 consecutive days. The van will focus on testing these 160 locations in the containment zone, especially those with comorbid and high-risk individuals, as well as treating people with common cold and fever symptoms. Homeopathic medicines-Ayurvedic medicines will also be distributed among the citizens to boost immunity.

Dhanvantari Rath was launched in 2018-19. Matter of giving administrative approval to the new matter of Dhanvantari Arogdhya Rath Yojana for construction workers of Gujarat Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. Dhanwantari Health Chariot was launched on 2 October 2016 in Morbi.