600 km China’s prototype magnetic-levitation train running at hourly speed ready

600 km China trains running per hour has drawn designs. Performance testing of China’s locally developed prototype magnetic-levitation train began in Shanghai on Sunday.

China aims to take the lead again in the new global race to make bullet trains travel faster. Using the force of magnetic levitation 350 km on the track. From 600 to 1,000 km per hour.

The feasibility study for a new network extending from Guangzhou to Beijing, on which trains can travel at speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour and 1,000 kilometers per hour, was commissioned by the design institute for China Railway Group Limited.

High speed means that once operational, the 2,200-kilometer journey from Wuhan to Guangzhou can be reduced to about two hours. Hubei will begin work on a section made up of a 200-kilometer vacuum tube. Maglev theory and finally the speed limit can be used by pushing up to 1000 km, hours. Includes the chapter on running new maglev lines between urban centers.

350 km between Beijing and Shanghai and Beijing and Guangzhou. Their average loading and business rate has gone up in the decades since high-speed trunk routes were completed.