Kankukharyu – Kunkuben’s 6-day-old baby won the battle of Corona and Kidney in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, 21 June 2020
A baby girl born with many complications due to premature delivery at a dedicated 1200-bed hospital in Civil, Ahmedabad, has finally beaten Corona after 25 days of various difficulties.

Kankuben gave birth to twins there. Corona’s report from one of the twins was positive on the 6th day of birth. The baby weighed only 1.4 kg at the time of delivery and was suffering from respiratory problems. So that it was kept on the ventilator. The girl contracted an intestinal infection while undergoing treatment. A new problem of bleeding arose. For this reason he was given very expensive antibiotics and FFP treatment to reduce the bleeding.

Later, the girl’s body also became deficient in sugar. Doctors found in the sonography that the girl had kidney problems.

The team from the pediatric department of the Civil Hospital saw the case as a challenge and started treatment. Made a treatment plan for it. Dr. Jolly Vaishnav and Dr. Charul Mehta’s team worked hard for 25 days to save the girl’s life. So Balki’s healthy life was achieved.

Says the girl’s mother
“I gave up hope that my daughter would survive,” says Kankuben, the girl’s mother. But the doctors at the Civil Hospital have revived my baby. Amidst all sorts of serious illnesses, my baby struggled for 25 days. But the doctors did not give up even for a moment. I will always be indebted to the Civil Hospital.