Ahmedabad Metro – Mega Rail running in the pit of loss

Ahmedabad, 12 February 2020

DILIP PATEL, allgujaratnews.in@gmail.com

There is great evidence of BJP government’s discomfort in the Metrolink Express Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (Mega-MEGA) project. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Tata Nano is the next biggest failed project.

In Ahmedabad, a 7-kilometer metro rail from Garhul to April Park started on March 4, 2019 and has generated a revenue of Rs 28 lakh. There have been 2.89 lakh encounters in 330 days. An average of 675 commuters a day. Of these, 75,917 people traveled during the free journey from 1st March to 3rd March. That means there are actually 2 lakh passengers traveling with a ticket.

For a one kilometer work, Rs 300 crore has been spent up to 20 km up to Thaltej. Thus, the return of Rs 2100 crore for 7 kilometer will be Rs 30 lakh a year. Ahmedabad Metro is providing a great deal of loss. A large number of travelers are not ready to sit in it.

The speed has been kept at 20-30 km / h which will be increased to 80 to 90 kmph in the coming days. The trial for which has been started. The Metrorail coaches will have 1017 passengers traveling simultaneously. Trains will be able to run at a maximum speed of 90 km. At present the motor is running at a lower speed than the bicycle.

The first phase of 37 km connecting Thaltej (West) to APARC (East) and Motara (North) to APMC-Vasana (South) will be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

Jayka announces fundraising

The Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) announced a grant of Rs 5 crore for Metro Rail in Ahmedabad city in November-2 before Fayez. In the year-1, Rs 5 crore was released.

Trial runs on February 1st
A trial run was initiated for the first phase of the metro in February-1. Metro Rail is scheduled to run on North-South and 1.0 km East-West track. Elevated and 3.5 km underground route will be covered.

Travelers to the Metro

In the metro rail starting from Karnal to Apparel Park, a fare of Rs. 5 km and 5 km of fare has been imposed on the metro rail. Speed ​​is 5 km / h. Earlier, the time was kept from 6am to 6.30am. There are currently six coaches with a capacity of 5 passengers in one coach.

Here are the number of passengers received on the metro so far.
Mass travelers
From 1 to 9 (March) 9,3
From 1 to 9 (March) 9,3
April 5,3
May 5, 6
June 3,4
July 3,4
August (up to 6)

Travelers do not get the frequency on time

Travelers are not ready to wait at least once every fifty minutes in Faiz.

What to do in Metro Faiz – Two
• Phase-2 received a final approval from the state government in October 1.
• The central government has approved a grant of Rs 5 crore in February-1.
The areas currently under operation include Mamnagar, Gurukul, Commerce Six Roads, Income Tax, Delhi Doors etc.
On the route of 37.766 km, the metro will have 130 entry and exit points. The corporation has been able to get enough space for 100 of these points and hence the project work is progressing at a relatively rapid pace.
The cost

The total investment for the first phase project is Rs. 10,773 crore.
For the garment track at 20.536 km, it is Rs 6,681 crore while
It is Rs 3,994 crore for the 17.23-km route from Motorra to APMC-vessel.

By taking interest money, the fund needs of Rs.6066 crore will be met, equity of Government of India will be Rs. 1,990 crore and the state government’s equity is Rs. There are 1,990 crores. Subordinate Agencies Rs. 727 crores will stop.

There is a lot of delay in completing the metro train project. Metro Phase 1 project costs Rs. The Rs 2,000 crore increase has been approved by the state government. A total cost of 12787 crore is estimated for the first phase of 40.03 kilometers of metro rail. The state government has spent Rs.4228.86 crore on Metrorail in five years.

The project, which started in 2014, was a deadline to be completed by 2020, which has also been increased to 2022. Initially, its expenditure was estimated at 11 thousand crore, which has increased to 13 thousand crore. Due to the delay in the operation of the metro and the change in route allocation, the project cost has increased.
The failed project since its inauguration has failed since the launch of the Metrolink Express Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Metro train at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The first phase route has a 6.5 km route underground. 32 stations and two depots are being constructed in this rail project.

14 years later the Metro train started for the general public on 6 March 2018. Corruption in Ahmedabad’s metro train, which started in 2004, was staged at several stages. Due to corruption, only 6.5 km route has been prepared so far instead of 40 km. The loss of millions has gone to the people.

The plan went back a year

In March 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a six-kilometer route of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail, after which there was an uproar between the APMC and the Shreyas crossing. The work was to be completed in April 2019. Even now, 2022 is not over.

Chuk Chuk rail

Metro Rail has been running for 15 years. When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked Modi for the metro, the metro was rejected and the BRTS selected. So this project has been running for 15 years. No one can say when that will be.

A total of 554 families of Ahmedabad were affected due to Metrorail, out of which 450 families have been compensated for EWS home and 104 families. The Urban Development Department has spent Rs 45.08 crore for these families. However, there is still a lot of work left in the Metrorail and the performance is slow.
SS Rathore was replaced by IP Gautam as MD in the Metro Rail Corporation.

Rajiv Gupta, formerly IAS officer in Ahmedabad Metrorail, was the MD but has taken legal action against him after dismissing him after a Rs 150 crore scam. IP Gautam came after him but in his time only six kilometers of metro route has started. Now this responsibility falls within the jurisdiction of SS Rathore.

The contractor was a bankrupt company

In the metro rail of Ahmedabad, the government has again decided to hand over operations to the bank corrupt company IL & FS. The company will start work on September 12. The reason for doing so is that the company that was taken out of this company also showed reluctance to work, so Gujarat Metrorail Corporation has been trapped.

The company has promised that the metro rail corporation will pay Rs 20 crore before the rest of the money, when the IECCL, a subsidiary of IL & FS, starts work. The Company has not made any other condition other than this condition. The IL&FS company, which has been bankrupt, has been withdrawn after eight months.

Agreement with the IECCL

J Kumar Infra Projects Limited, the current contractor of Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, was hired after IL&FS. The company was contracted to provide Rs 382 crore project work. Metro Rail Corporation terminated the IL&FS contract on January 19 and has now entered into an agreement with IECCL, a subsidiary of IL&FS. IECCL, a subsidiary of IL&FS, told the Bombay Stock Exchange that the company will now start operating the Ahmedabad Metro Rail on September 12, subject to the conditions which were 15 months ago. 169 crores is yet to be worked out in this stretch.

Formerly the IECCL Director for Metro Rail Project
In December 2015, IECCL was given the task of constructing a 4.62 km long elevated stretch from Gyaspur depot to Interface Point for the Shreyas Metro Station on the 17.23 km North South Corridor. In December 2018, IECCL, a subsidiary of IL&FS, contacted the then MD IP Gautam and said that they would not be able to do so, after which the company was removed from the metro rail corporation.

The operation, which came to the Kumar Infra project, has successfully completed the first six kilometers of the metro rail but has refused to proceed between the village of Apparral and the apparel park. The operation has a total of four metro stations.

The scam from the beginning

When the Metro Train started work between Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad, 1868 works of its plan, design and purchase were given out without any rules. Of this, Rs.584 crore was used for this work. In which cement, iron, clay purana, casting yard, diaphragm, metal, sand, rubble, boulder, grit cloth, labor and retainingwall were given half the money. Whose haphazard work was given. The controversy began with the start of the work in 2012. The work was given to Sanjay Gupta, who has worked with Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Modi knew all along that there were millions of scams. Most of the work was done by the local supplier with no tender to deliver the goods. Some of the rules that were made were applied directly to the GSPC rules. It is known that there are billions of rupees corruption in GSPC. The same rules were implemented directly. Yet none of their rules were implemented. It was only after Modi left Gujarat that Anandiben Patel started working on MetroTrain. Until then the Metro Rail was hanging in the air.

200 crore clay scam

The orders given for the purchase were given random work without estimating the requirement of cement, metal, etc. It was not even estimated how much labor it would cost. Such a lollam lol was going on. It is also not clear exactly where to buy the goods and where to carry out the work. Such 752 work orders were given from January 2012 to July 2013 with eyes closed, which goes for a total of Rs.317 crore. Work was done but nothing happened and the money was paid. In which soil and purana and laborers were only Rs 200 crore. Which had slipped in the ranks of the authorities of that time. Because the clay had melted in the air before the train ran. There was no clay at all.

Price 375% higher than R&B

371 orders were placed at higher prices from 31 per cent to 375 per cent for the road and building department at which SOR works. The scandal came when the 8 agency that was involved in the work did not get any payment as long as they had gone to the Public Works Contract Disputes Commission for arbitration. Also, there was a big difference in the quantity distribution.  The administration was under the rule of Narendra Modi.

TIN canceled however worked

There were six companies operating in the metro train that were canceled by the Tax Department of Gujarat – TIN. However, he was given a job of Rs 24.89 crore. According to the rule of the government, if such registration number is not available then government work cannot be given. Because the company is levying that tax. But if there is no tin number, then the tax is stolen. Thus, the companies that steal the government’s revenues were given jobs in the metro train. The six companies include Mahir Mehta Steel Traders, Sinai Steel, KaizenTechnovisWizard, StrongConstruction, Ultra Wind Infrastructure and SpanTechNovizard. The scandal happened that the government had confessed in 2015, only after Modi had gone to Delhi.

Who took the bribe of the four companies?

The BJP government issued four agency contracts, known as Engagement Mechanies Contract, to implement important works like casting yards, depots, construction works, bridges, etc. The four companies include Hindustan Prefabli., Hindustan Steel Works Construction., Bridge and Roof Company India., Water and Power Consultants. These agencies may have subcontractors to execute the works and may charge the cost of the works, including the management charge of the project from the company. They were entitled to a paycheck to start work according to 10 percent. The formal Engagement Mechanisms contracted to these companies were not on any government record. 2 crore was given to each company without a contract of work. The amount is probably being bribed. In the matter of water and power consultancy services, he was given an advance of Rs.1151.99 crore for the work he was given. Whatever the bribe amount is considered. Even if the work was not done, the recovery of Rs 18.71 crore provided to these companies was also pending. Something was investigated in this scam only after Chief Minister Narendra Modi himself got the promotion and became the Prime Minister. It began to recover its funds in November 2015. So to whom did this Rs 18 crore bribe go? Which politician had reached that amount. Now arbitration has been appointed for him.

Cement scam

The cement scandal had gone to the Congress government in Maharashtra. A similar scam was created in the Modi-BJP government of Gujarat, which is now elaborating. It was ordered to buy 1,32,500 cement bags worth Rs.3.38 crore. The certificate of the bag of cement that was given to the company was found. That money was also paid. But in fact, 2,650 bags of cement were registered on the book. To date, no account of 1,29,850 bags of cement bags worth Rs3.22 crore has been found. Atul had deposited the cement with a commission in a trust and deposited it in a trust here. This is open corruption of the Modi government of BJP.

The iron ate up the money

To this day, the people of Gujarat have believed that the Modi government of the BJP has done no wrong. But here in the metro, corruption is also emerging. Ahmedabad The metrotrain was under the direct supervision of Modi. 2,579 tonnes of iron ore were purchased for the metro train. Out of these, 1,783 tonnes of rods were used, the government says. But the government should disclose how it is used and the quality of its work. Of these rods, 30 tonnes of iron has been dumped into the wreckage. There was no point in dumping new goods into the wreckage. That means 30 tons of iron were consumed by politicians and officials. His money was gone. Even so, the Modi government has not been able to calculate where 603 tonnes of iron went. 30 tonnes of iron was taken from six commercial companies. These include Ridhi Steel Corporation, Mahir Mehta Steel Ltd., Sunny Steelspra.Ltd, Rianenterprices, Varahi Sales Corporation and Avnienterprices. These companies have lodged a police complaint against the officers . Police are searching for who has consumed the iron. Has the eater reached Delhi? Iron money was paid the next day of purchase. So much has to be said. Such goods are practiced not only in cement but also in most purchases. The goods, which were to be paid after 30 days, were paid the next day, indicating that the goods were found. Thus the money was going to go unnoticed. Which also proved to be an umbrella of politicians from Gandhinagar. Who was this politician?

Millions of scams for the wages of the poor

Of the billions that were paid, 808 were such that no security deposit or bank guarantee was taken. No penalty was imposed against him. The serious thing is, the gabirs have not been released either. 258 works worth Rs. 20.34 crore were assigned. But there was no explanation of where to work. What is the nature of the work, but it is not clear whether the amount has been paid. The manner in which the wage rate was determined is not disclosed. Instead of being given a labor contract and giving money to the poor, the government and politicians of the BJP government have lost ground. They have also been able to digest the money of the poor in their stomachs. Until Narendra Modi was Gujarat, this labor scandal was going on. After he became Prime Minister, now the Vijay Rupani government says in a pressing voice, “We are working to take action against the officials.” Which was not audited. The location of the work done in the labor contract did not specify the number of laborers. The contractor said that the government agreed and the money was given.

Take out a loan to scam

To finance the metro project, a loan of Rs 250 crore was taken from Vijaya Bank at a high rate of 12%. Punjab National Bank borrowed Rs 116 crore at 11.50 per cent interest. An interest rate of 11% was taken from United Bank of India with a loan of Rs 100 crore. Then some of the money was paid back due to a cancellation of Metro Train . However, a fixed deposit of Rs 235.82 crore and Rs 80.87 crore were kept in the current account. Furthermore, interest rates were fixed at a lower rate fixed. If there is a large amount of money, the bank also pays good commission to the depositor. Something that has gone awry. Thus, the interest loss of Rs 12.93 crore was incurred to the government.

A loss of Rs.445 crore in Modi’s time

The route of the Metro Train has to be changed frequently. Because of this, Faiz was also in trouble. The book is reported to have cost Rs 445.86 crore after the government decided to draw the line for the first time. Then Narendra Modi decided to put down a phase one project. Out of this expenditure, huge sums of Rs.373.62 crore were used as motors, indroda, chiloda, depot, casting yard, test track. The cost has gone down drastically. Thus Modi has done twelve thousand for the metro train and now he is doing so in the bullet train. There were no survey reports. Where these huge expenditures have been made, the land of Indroda and Chiloda is not occupied by the Metro Company. To conceal this incident in Modi’s time, the managers of the Metro Train have decided that Rs 527.88 crore in progress and Rs 355.80 crore in the old phase should be removed from the balance by March 2016. This directly means that the Metro Rail scandal that took place in Prime Minister Modi’s time is being removed from its accounts to cover it. The theft has been carried out by BJP government chiefs Anandiben Patel Vijay Rupani and Narendra Modi. Thus, Modi has gone to Delhi with a metro-dividend of Rs.445.86 crore.

Millions of rupees have been paid on vouchers

In the purchase of clay work a consignment of land has been found in several places, the certificate of receipt of goods was given. Each of them wrote alike, “The certificate states that the goods, goods, items ordered in the bill have been procured as per the requirement. The amount requested in the bill is in accordance with the required criteria. That is why it is recommended to pay the bills. “The money was paid on the basis of this certificate. The truck numbers, the place, the Measurement Book, etc. were not linked to these bills, thus creating a wonderful pattern of corruption.
Modi’s Special IAS Sanjay Gupta’s Role

Former Gujarat IAS officer Sanjay Gupta, who was allegedly involved in the Metro Rail scam, was arrested and is now being charged Rs. Gupta has also been granted bail in the Rs 113 crore Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar metro rail scam case. J. Desai was granted bail on condition that he get Rs. Gupta was arrested as the executive chairman of the state-owned Metro-Link Express for Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar (Mega). Gupta and seven others were arrested in 2012 for around Rs. For the alleged Rs 113 crore cement and metro project, submitted “bogus” bills and “fake” documents attached to geographical physical allowance near Bhat village. The accused were accused of siphoning 2.62 crore. He cannot be released from jail unless bail is granted in another case. Gupta filed IAS in 2003. Left and started his own business. IAS After leaving, he was appointed by the Gujarat BJP government to Mega.

Metro the bullet

Starting from 2004, the route of Ahmedabad’s metro train was changed frequently. The loss of millions has gone to the people. After the scandal of around Rs 500 crore in the metro train, it is now time to start a bullet train.
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