The corrupt policies of the ostrich of the Congress leaders disturb the party, then the BJP wins


Gandhinagar, 6 February 2021

Dilip Patel

In all the municipal corporations of Gujarat, the Congress has witnessed riots, storms and sabotage. The names of the candidates were not announced until the last day and last minute of filling the form in the elections of the 6 municipal corporations of Gujarat. Congress has adopted a weak approach to informing candidates by phone. The candidates were informed by phone rather than disclosing the list.

Leader missing

Two Congress leaders have disappeared after distributing tickets. In Ahmedabad, Surat and elsewhere, in a panel of 4 candidates from one ward, the other two tickets have been given to own faction to see the victory of one candidate. This has happened in most wards. No criteria found anywhere. It seems that some leaders are behaving in a way that benefits the BJP. Ticket is distributed to two candidates. There is strong opposition from local activists. So the members of Congress had to disappear.

No worker could contact any Gujarat Congress leader. Because they either hung up the phone or went underground.

The candidates were instructed to fill the form in person. When the candidates went to fill the form, they had no legal team or party guidance.

Controversial legislator

In Ahmedabad, the minority community rioted at the house of controversial MLA Himmat Singh Patel at 1.30 pm. Support of BJP candidate Bhaskar Bhatt has been announced in Saraspur-Rakhial ward by Congress rebels. The Congress also staged a protest in Gomtipur with burning posters and banners.

No benefit from BJP

There is more resentment in BJP than Congress. If the BJP uses Rs 25 lakh per seat, the Congress will barely use Rs 2 lakh. If the voting machine is not managed, there will be unintended consequences. Whose pride will be taken by the leaders.

First election

This will be the first election in the history of Gujarat in which Congress and BJP state presidents, officials, leaders will have less control or less hold.

BJP benefits

Congress candidates cannot campaign in an organized manner. Because its panel has no match. Elections can be won only if the panel stays together. The BJP benefits the most from the 4 corporators rule in a ward. The BJP’s network had been functioning for 3 months. The promotional material was also prepared from the BJP office. This has not happened in Congress.

No Congress leader can say with a chest, how many seats are likely to come in which ward.

Modi brand

BJP continues to win elections on the brand of Narendra Modi. In Congress, the public wins, not the party. But this time if Modi does not come forward, BJP’s grip may be loosened. Patil was instructed from Delhi to give tickets to 80 percent of the new people to remove the group of leaders. This time the Congress could not take advantage of this in giving tickets.

Protest in front of the government

Due to the failure of the central and state governments, people are facing a lot of difficulties at this time. It is of no use to the Congress. In the eastern part of Ahmedabad, the votes of workers and middle class can be troubled, whether they have to buy votes or manage the machine.

Power in panchayats

Congress can gain power in panchayats. Because the farmer is so angry, he can no longer accept the temptations of Rupani. Narendra Modi’s policy has been to discredit the Congress. Modi’s policy has been to defame some states by handing them over to the Congress. Similarly, the BJP can play games with the people by winning 5 out of 6 cities of Gujarat and winning a large share of the Congress in the panchayats. Therefore, the local governance of the Congress can be maligned and the vote of the people in the assembly should be in favour of the BJP.

Modi has used Chanakya policy, there was no major opposition, be won in the Legislative Assembly of 2022.

Acid test

By not giving tickets to old leaders in the BJP, they have destroyed the strong group of the party. Keeping in mind the 2022 election, Modi sidelined the strong BJP leaders.  Congress leaders could not take advantage of this by giving tickets in this election.

There will be riots wherever the Congress is elected. Or it will be maligned by making it administrative and partisan. So the 2022 assembly election can be won. Will form the basis of forming a government in 2022. Congress has not issued tickets in view of this principle.

BJP’s strategy

The taluka panchayats here can hand over the Congress to the Congress in the same way they did in 2014 and discredit the Congress there. The 2017 election was won this way. Delhi has the mathematics of where and how to use voting machines. Districts or taluka can be given to Congress in the same way as some states currently have. BJP can keep cities with them. Panchayas can be handed over to the Congress.

Police and bouncers

Police and eight bouncers have been deployed in Paladi Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan of Congress in view of the protest by the activists. The doors of the Congress building were closed. People protested on the street. The protest started even before the Congress announced the names of the candidates.


Nearly 400 Youth Congress leaders and activists including NSUI have resigned. The Congress office staged a protest. In Ahmedabad, 3 Congress candidates

One person had run away from taking the form.

SURAT congress
SURAT congress

Tension in the Surat

BJP President CR Patil’s city Surat has the highest number of protests in Congress. The leaders of Delhi Congress need to investigate. Something is wrong.

Even before the elections, the defeat of the Congress has been decided in some wards of Surat. In many wards of Surat, the Congress is showing defeat before the elections because many candidates have not filled the form. Not more than 10 candidates have filed the form in Surat. The candidates of ward number 2, 3 and 5 did not fill the form.

There was an attempt to vandalize the Surat Congress office after the allotment of tickets. Chairs were thrown and vandalized at the Congress headquarters.

In Surat city, the Congress party has excluded workers who have been working sincerely and sincerely in ticket allocation for years. Overnight tickets are given to people from the other party.

Shambhubhai Prajapati, former chairman of the Surat City Congress Committee, had announced a sit-in at the Congress office. The Congress office was closed on the 80-foot road of the kiln.

The Congress office was closed on the 80-foot road. The headquarters of the Congress was closed after vandalism. Workers protested, slogans were raised. (translated from Gujarati)