‘Bandhara’ irrigation project for Mityala village, Amreli Dist

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Government granted permission to build ‘Bandhara’ (small dam) on Mul Path Rekha at Mityala village of Jafrabad tehsil in Amreli district.

This Bandhara will supply 93.50 MCFT irrigation waters to four villages – Mityala, Lunashapur, Vandh and Kagvadar – of Amreli. The project will supply sufficient water to the farmers to make irrigation in 500 hectares of land, which ultimate increase their farm produces.

Bandhara, to be built at a cost of Rs. 8-Crore, giving an emotional response to the urge made by the people of these four villages. The project will also prevent advancement of sea salinisation in the lands of these villages.