Gujarat’s state-level Start-up Implementation Committee approves Rs2cr

Gujarat’s state-level Start-up Implementation Committee approves Rs2cr for 17 new proposals; so far sanctioned Rs. 30cr to over 250 proposals

The state-level Start-up Implementation Committee at its 18th meeting chaired by Chief Minister’s Principal Secretary and Principal Secretary for Industries & Mines M.K. Das, sanctioned Rs.2-crore for 17 new proposals, having sanctioned so far Rs.30-crore for over 250 proposals.

Gujarat alone accounted for 43 per cent of funded start-ups out of total 150 in the country in 2019. Taking note of Gujarat once again emerging as the most popular state in setting up start-ups in 2019 as per a NASSCOM study, the committee acknowledges the Gujarat Government’s Start-up Policy.

This is to encourage not just high-tech proposals but also innovators in new fields, necessary for positive result on the social fabric.

Some of the innovative start-ups started so far included scanner to read brain injury, stapler for painless open heart surgery, low-cost groundnut digger, fertilizer sprayer, converting fiber from farm wastes and fire-extinguishing material.

The state government’s initiatives include starting entrepreneurship start-up cells in all the 33 districts, interactive start-up portal and incubators.

Gujarat was adjudged the best state for start-ups in 2018 also with a resolve to maintain the top rank in start-up ecosystem.