America announced how much groundnut should be sown, not Gujarat’s GSAD

Gandhinagar, 17 May 20201
Farmers in Gujarat have the largest share of groundnut in the world. So farmers in Gujarat can benefit greatly if they know how much groundnut has been planted or will be planted in the world this year. Because farmers will now shift from cotton to groundnut this year. America announced how much groundnut should be sown, not Gujarat’s Gujarat State Agriculture Department – GSAD.

Last year, large exports of groundnut and seeds were made to China from Gujarat. The peanut crop has deteriorated due to heavy rains in China. Peanuts were sourced from Gujarat by Chinese traders. Therefore traders and farmers get good prices. This year there will be an increase of 12 to 14 lakh tonnes in groundnut cultivation outside India.

In this monsoon, the farmers of Gujarat have started preparing to cultivate groundnut keeping the world in mind. Groundnut cultivation will be beneficial by calculating the weather and rainfall in the region of this country. Here are the details prepared using the satellite by the US Department of Agriculture.

China had the world’s highest production of 1.75 million tonnes of peanuts in 2020-21. India had 6 million tonnes.

Groundnut will now be sown in Gujarat in June. Large-scale plantations have begun in China this year. According to the US Department of Agriculture, China can produce 1.8 million tonnes of peanuts this year. Which will be higher than last year. Argentine peanuts are ready in March 2021. Sowing of peanuts has been completed in Senegal where planting has increased. Peanuts are ready in Brazil. Approximately 50 percent of peanuts are planted in the United States.

The United States is expected to produce 1.25 million tons more peanuts this year. Last year production was 27.75 lakh tonnes. Production in Brazil may increase by 7 lakh tonnes to 7.50 lakh tonnes.

World peanut production is expected to reach 49,171 (1000 MT) in 2021.

World Product (%) Order of Production Country Percent
(1000 MT) Crop Production

China produces 18.2 million metric tons of peanuts, which is 37 percent of the world. Details of what percentage of peanuts will increase in its various regions
Henan 25%
Shandong 21%
Hebei 7%
Lioness 6%
Anhui 5%

India will produce 12 percent of the world’s 600,000 metric tons of groundnut. State how much percentage of groundnut harvested by the State Details
Gujarat 37%
Tamil Nadu 14%
Andhra Pradesh 12%
Karnataka 8%
Rajasthan 7%

Nigeria will produce 4,400,000 metric tons of groundnut, 9 percent of the world.
Northwest 39%
North-central 29%
Northeast 29%

The United States will produce 2867,000 metric tons, 6 percent of the world’s peanuts.
Georgia 44%
Florida 15%
Alabama 12%
Texas 12%
North Carolina 6%

Sudan will produce 2,500,000 metric tons or 5 percent of peanuts.
Cordophone 31%
Blue Nile 24%
Derfur 22%
Kassala 8%
Northern 8%