In Gujarat BJP, the leaders who cut Brahmin tickets with Brahmastra

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 14 November 2022

In which the Brahmin caste, the protector of Hinduism, which strengthened the BJP the most, strengthened the BJP. That too due to the casteist policies of Madhav Singh of Congress, Jeena Darji, Brahmin has been a BJP supporter from 1985 till date. But now, two leaders of Delhi and three BJP leaders of Gujarat are once again facing the problem of Brahmin votes.

Brahmin voters dominate 40 seats to win, yet Gujarat BJP has changed the ticket.

In Wadhwan, Brahmin’s daughter Jigyaben Pandya was given ticket. On which yesterday, Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi took it back under pressure. Consent letter was written to return the ticket. This action continued till late night. Finally, the ticket of one of the two Brahmin of Saurashtra has been withdrawn.

Two leaders from Delhi and a former chieftain from Rajkot were behind Wadhwan’s operation. However, these leaders have been cutting Brahmin voters in Gujarat since 2002. The last major cut was made by former minister Jaynarayan Vyas. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah stood behind the operation.

Got a seat

There is opposition between Brahmin and Jain community in Wadhwan. The meeting of Brahmins and Jains took place on 13 November 2022 in Audichya Brahmo Samaj in Surendranagar. There were 500 leaders. Opposed the decision of BJP. Women leader of Brahmin and Jain community by BJP. Jigyaben Pandya who is the daughter of Jayanti Parekh and wife of Sanjay Pandya. His ticket has been canceled after declaring BJP candidate. Feeling humiliated, there was a huge protest in the Brahmin, Jain community. Expressed the tone of not accepting the insult. Voters were appealed to vote against the BJP. All this happened in the meeting.

There was a meeting in the night to chalk out a strategy. It also said that the Brahmin and Jain communities have always been with the BJP, but the BJP has punished both the communities instead of Shirpav for loyalty.

In this meeting Sunilbhai Bhatt, President of Audichy Brahmin Society Surendranagar, Pankajbhai Jani, former DYSP K.C. Many leaders of Jain community including Dave, Chandrikaben Trivedi, Smitaben Rawal, Himaben Trivedi, Bakulben Bhatt, JM Shah, DV Shah, Bharatbhai Kothari, Rajubhai Sanghvi, Sandeepbhai Shah were present.

The entire caste now accepts what Jaynarayan Vyas, a Brahmin leader who has just left the BJP, said.

No ticket to male brahmin

BJP President Rajiv Pandya’s wife Sejal Pandya has been given ticket from Bhavnagar metropolis of Saurashtra. The dense ticket has gone home. Vibhawari Dave’s ticket has been cut in Bhavnagar. BJP has not given ticket to any male Brahmin in Saurashtra. Gujarat had 8 lakh voters in 2012. There are likely to be 15 to 17 lakh voters in 10 years.

Lost – Win by 30 seats

There are 10 seats in Gujarat where Brahmin candidate wins. And there are 30 seats that are dominant in winning. However, BJP chief ministers like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Patil fine to Harin Pathak, Haren Pandya, Jaynarayan Vyas, Ashok Bhatt.

There are a large number of Brahmins in the cities of Junagadh, Amreli, Rajkot. Most of the seats in Saurashtra have Brahmin voters between 10 and 42 thousand. There are 42 thousand voters on the meeting of former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. At the same time, Deputy Mayor Darshita, who made a lot of lapses in the corporation, has been given a ticket.

The Brahmins of Gujarat-Saurashtra are very angry with the BJP.

Brahmin troubled since 2002

Ever since Narendra Modi put an end to the politics of Keshubhai Patel and Suresh Mehta, strong leaders of Brahmins and Patidars have also been wiped out. From this it can be guessed that who was doing the work of cutting the leader of the old generation of Junagadh for 25 years. Narendra Modi of BJP was successful in dismantling the Brahmin leadership in Saurashtra. Harsh Sanghvi is now becoming the second Amit Shah. The way Home Minister Amit Shah and former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani work to defeat certain castes. Just like God, Harsh Sanghvi is now operating. That too at the behest of two leaders of Delhi.

30 assembly constituencies with up to 10 thousand Brahmin votes

Tharad, Dhanera, Disa, Kankrej, Patan, Kheralu, Kadi, Mehsana, Himmatnagar, Idar, Gandhinagar North, Dhrangadhra, Morbi, Gondal, Jamnagar North, Jamnagar South, Jamjodhpur, Dwarka, Kutiana, Somnath, Kodinar, Rajula, Mahuva, Bhavnagar West, Lunawada, Raopura, Surat West.

17 constituencies with more than 15 thousand Brahmin voters

Vav, Vadgam, Palanpur, Gandhinagar South, Ghatlodiya, Ellisbridge, Naroda, Maninagar, Vadwan, Rajkot West, Bhavnagar East, Mehmedabad, Vadodara City, Sayajiganj, Akota, Manjalpur .

More than 20 thousand Brahmin votes- Porbandar, Dhari seat.

Above 25 thousand – Junagadh seat.

Above 30 thousand – Amreli, Halwar, Rajkot seat.

Struggle for power

17 years ago, 2003 AD. In 2015, Mahendrabhai Trivedi, BJP MLA from Bhavnagar North Assembly took up arms against his own BJP government against the mandatory helmet law. Lokrosh by cycling in Vidhan Sabha and Bhavnagar for 6 months promised. Ultimately, the then CM and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government relaxed the rule at that time.

Dharma Sabha and Mega Brahmin Business Summit

Mega Brahmin Business Summit was organized at Adalaj Trimandir Complex, Gandhinagar. The minister of the BJP government at that time said that the culture and heritage of the country is maintained by the austerity, dedication and devotion of the Brahmins. Since time immemorial, the Brahmin society has done the work of building the society with the wealth of its knowledge. This society has always been at the forefront of the national interest and has been contributing with dedication towards the national interest. Today Brahmin society remembered BJP leader Yajnesh Dave.

Journalist Dilip Patel, who discovered this news, himself does not believe in casteism. But Gujarat casteism has become an essential part of Gujarat politics as politicians are now fighting only on the basis of casteism. Decision on the basis of caste is now being done on the posts of ticket, pradhan, minister, party. That’s why this journalist is compelled to write about casteism.