BJP Controls 85% Cooperative Societies – GUJARAT BJP PRECIDENT

Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi is planning to get good price for cotton, no plan has been made in the interest of farmers in the Congress government. Congress government never worried about farmers

25 March 2022
CR Patil said in Junagadh that there are about 360 cooperative societies in the entire state, in which BJP workers are responsible in 302 cooperative societies like Sugar Factory, Dairy, Cooperative Bank, APMC Market, Kheti Bank. Today BJP leaders have strengthened the number of cooperative societies which were ruined in the past and today they are working for the benefit of the people.

Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi is also planning to get good cotton prices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started efforts to increase the income of farmers. Farmers have tried to give good education to their children, have brought many schemes for the farmers.

Farmers get Rs 3 lakh at 0% interest rate. The Congress government has not made any plan in the interest of the farmers. The Congress government never cared for the farmers, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi cared for the farmers and deposited Rs 6,000 directly into their accounts during the year.

The farmer is called the element of the world. Ever since our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Rakhi conference has been organized for farmers through “Krishirath” with rural scientists, so that farmers can get more knowledge in agriculture, grow good crops and help farmers. To increase income. Now cotton is getting good price in agriculture.

On 24 February 2022, Junagadh Co-operative Bank and Gujarat State Co-operative Bank jointly organized a farmers camp program at Gir Somnath Talala Market Yard and unveiled the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The program was presided over by Gujarat State President CR Patil.

Addressing the function, MP Rajesh Chudasama said, “If we win 182 assembly seats, we will move forward with the belief that we will win the seventh assembly of Junagadh and Gir Somnath together.”