One bottle of liquor seized per head despite ban in Gujarat


Liquor Ban but Now Home Delivery Of Liquor…!
34 crore in the last two years in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar
Quantity of country-foreign liquor and beer seized
8,49,930 bottles of foreign liquor, 74,550 bottles of beer and
If 2,84,912 liters of country liquor is confiscated, then how much will be sold……?

Gandhinagar, 4 March 2022

The BJP rulers ruling Gujarat for the last 30 years are calling for development, but in reality today Gujarat is being pushed towards its decline. The reason is that the youth deprived of employment have gone on the path of drugs under the BJP rule. This allegation has been made by Gyasuddin Sheikh, MLA of Dariapur assembly constituency of Ahmedabad city.

Sheikh said that today the law and order situation in Gujarat has deteriorated to such an extent that liquor smugglers are not afraid of the police. Starting from the village, country-foreign liquor is being sold openly in the capital Gandhinagar. Due to the manipulation of the police in Gujarat, the pollution of liquor is increasing day by day. The network of liquor smugglers has become so strong that liquor is being delivered on mobile phones. Drug ban is enough in Gandhi’s Gujarat. It is the BJP government which has banned drugs. The police confiscated the quantity of liquor and pretended to get something but what about the sale of liquor worth crores of rupees at the back door…?

Gyasuddin Sheikh said that not only alcohol but drugs are also being sold openly in Gujarat. Drug mafia has targeted youth in schools, colleges and residential areas. Before that I was M.D. many times. Despite the drug issue being brought to the notice of the Home Minister and the Home Department, the government has failed miserably in cracking down on the drug mafia.

In a question by MLA Gyasuddin Sheikh, the Home Department has admitted that in the year 2019-20 and in the year 2020-21, Rs. Country liquor and foreign liquor and beer worth Rs 34 crore have been seized. 8,49,930 bottles of foreign liquor, 74,550 bottles of beer and 2,84,912 liters of country liquor were seized. The police have arrested 37,990 accused but not yet arrested 274 accused.

GYasuddin Sheikh said that P.P. In Gujarat, under the patronage of the BJP-led Gujarat government, Mahatma Gandhi and Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s liquor business flourished and the drug black market flourished. In Gandhi’s Gujarat, bootleggers have gone fearless while the drug trafficking mafia has flourished. With the blessings of the BJP state government of Gujarat, the drug business is flourishing with the help of police and liquor smugglers. Liquor and narcotics are being confiscated in Gujarat, 100 times more than the confiscated amount reaching the liquor store through systematic corruption. The question is that if liquor worth crores was confiscated only in Ahmedabad and the capital of Gujarat, then how much liquor would have been sold in Gujarat.

Ghiyasuddin Sheikh said that strict implementation of complete ban on liquor in Gandhi’s Gujarat is mandatory. Butler has gone mad on this holy land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The trade of alcohol and other drugs is booming. The state government should try to implement the prohibition strictly. Alcohol and other intoxicants ruin the future of youth, ruining many families. The policy of zero tolerance on the issue of alcohol and other drugs does not appear in situations where many sisters are widows and encourage domestic violence. We should stop pretending to confiscate liquor just for name’s sake and try to put a strict ban on liquor in Gujarat. If the government does not crack down on alcohol and drugs, then the law and order situation may worsen in the coming days.