BJPs scam of 40 crores by making fake papers and 400 wrong recruitments

Ahmedabad, June 18, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

10 lakhs were seized but action was taken against only 30. Allegation of corruption of 40 crores. Scam in Vidyut Sahayak Recruitment in 2021. In 2021, the examination was conducted at about 30 centers in Gujarat.

A total of 55 employees and people have been prosecuted so far in the Vidyut Sahayak Recruitment Scam in Gujarat. 30 junior assistants have been released in June 2024. Out of this, 11 out of 30 employees were relieved from duty in 2023. 19 more employees have been suspended in 2024.

Yuvraj Singh said that, 2156 Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Assistant) recruitment was announced from 2020 to 2021. In which the gang became active to pass the exam. At the place where the online examination was conducted, the answers of the question papers of the candidate were given with the help of a special software in the computer by a person sitting outside the examination center. Thus, the whole scam was hatched to get some candidates jobs in various government departments by passing the candidates repeatedly using high-tech technology.

Complaints of irregularities were received in the state level examination. 10 to 15 lakh rupees were arranged in the recruitment. In the case of exemption from duty of Rajkot Vidyut Sahayak, PGVCL Additional General Manager HR Department A.R.Katara.

The center of the energy department scam

Modasa ~ Sathamba of Aravalli is…

Virpur..Koidam of Mahisagar…

Vanakbori, Thermal Station.

Keshod – Bhavnagar of Saurashtra


Baroda Stackwise Technology.

There was agitation in the whole state.

The online examination in PGVCL was conducted by a company called Success Infotech. 400 candidates passed this exam. Irregularities were detected at some centers.

30 Vidyut Sahayaks have been suspended after PGVCL Online Exam 2021. The exam for the recruitment of Electrical Assistant was conducted in the year 2021 by a company named “Success Infotech” in the state. There was mismanagement and malpractice of 10 to 15 lakhs in the exam.

Run the case in fast track..

Do not suspend but terminate it.

Why action only on students?

If the candidate does not have to lose money, then the name gets defamed in the society, the job is also lost. But nothing happened to the middleman or mastermind who committed the fraud. Why is this so?

Who has been asked to camp?

Why not investigate the middleman and the original agent and the officer?

The MD of the Energy Department is also responsible. And it is necessary to investigate that the higher officials are also responsible.

A report has been filed against twelve people. At the end of this investigation, the police gave the list of suspicious passed candidates to PGVCL. On the basis of which PGVCL has ordered to investigate and suspend about 30 Vidyut Sahayaks and file a charge sheet against all the employees.

The agitation has been going on for two years. No action was taken in the investigation.

A paper was torn in Prantij’s school.

CBI investigation was demanded.

Entire family in Vij Company

Dilip Patel, a native of Mahisagar, has 45 family members and relatives working in GEB. In the Energy Department recruitment scam, Yuvraj Singh said that a person named Dilip Patel, Arvind Patel is a scamster. In which Yuvraj Singh has revealed the names of some middlemen. It is alleged that Dilip Patel has employed 45 relatives. It has also been said that the people recruited through wrong means are currently on duty. Masa and his relatives have worked in the thermal power station.

Yuvraj has said that evidence of all the scams is present. At the same time, the accused head clerk Pinakin is also involved. It should seize the property of the accused and form an impartial investigation committee.

The name of a teacher hailing from Narsinghpur (Kapdwanj) village near Choila and working as a teacher in Charotar, while the name of a teacher originally from Jeetpur and living in Dhansura is in the news for the amount of 15 to 20 lakhs. It is said that these two uncles and aunts have collected crores of rupees from more than fifty candidates in the name of jobs.

PGVCL conducted an examination for the recruitment of electrical assistants

Which was brought to the notice of the government as a malpractice at that time. Apart from this, malpractice was done by the outsourcing agency conducting the examination at some examination centers. A complaint was also lodged in Surat at that time. And in 2021, an examination was conducted by PGVCL for the recruitment of electrical assistants.

A total of 57 were suspended. Do not disclose the charge sheet. Many confessed and took 16 lakhs. Scams lost money, jobs lost, Abraru lost. Some people are ready to commit suicide. Rs 5 lakh was demanded by Surat Crime Branch to suppress this scam.

500 people were recruited. BJP government does not catch the agent in this scam.

Gujarat passed a bill for paper leak of government recruitment exams in February 2023. The law imposes a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and a minimum fine of Rs 100. Provision of 1 crore. Introducing the bill in the House, Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi admitted that 11 cases of paper leak have been reported in the state in the last 11 years. As a result, 11 cases were registered against 201 accused and charge sheets were filed in 10 cases.

This exam was conducted from 9 December 2020 to 6 January 2021 at various exam centers and computer labs in different cities for the recruitment of 2156 Electrical Assistant Junior Assistant in 5 power companies of Gujarat state.

The exam is like knowing the mafia crime trap.

Contacted in advance. Admit card and photo were already sent to the exam center administrators to take a huge amount from the candidate. Candidates were misbehaving and operating two monitors from the same CPU through screen splinters by the center administrators or computer lab in-charges or their associates. Answers to online questions were passed by connecting to wireless mouse. Candidates who passed the exam were deprived of the job. The accused had failed in the exam held from 9 December 2020 to 6 January 21.

Naranbhai Maru, a government school teacher in Bantwan, found the candidates through Mitesh alias Lalo, a government school teacher in Vadodara. A scam of passing pre-determined candidates in the online examination conducted in the year 2020 and 2021 for the recruitment of Vidyut Sahayak in Gujarat State Electricity Companies was exposed.

The laborers were taken from Himmatnagar and Idar of Sabarkantha.

1) Nimaben Prakashbhai Patel (Himatnagar)

2) Jalpaben Bipinchandra Patel (Himatnagar)

3) Rohit Kumar Muljibhai Makwana (Himatnagar)

4) Manishkumar Dhanjibhai Pardhi (Himatnagar-Mehtpura)

5) Prakashkumar Maganbhai Bunkar (Jadar-Idar)

6) Altafumar Farooq Lodha (Idar)

7) Upasanaben Khanabhai Sutaria (Idar)

8) Neelaben Narayandas Parmar (Idar)


The accused has been identified as Naran Maru and he is a resident of Junagadh Sardarbagh. The accused has been arrested by the Crime Branch and sent to jail. In the online examination for the recruitment of Vidyut Sahayak Junior Sahayak, the accused contacted his relatives and friends and got the candidates passed in the online examination through the co-accused. The accused got the job done by taking Rs 13 to 14 lakh per candidate. In the examinations, some examination center owners as well as some computer lab in-charges and their associates as well as some agents took money from the candidates for their financial gain and got their relatives and acquaintances to pass the examination in a wrong way.


In 2019, the CBI arrested Niskant Sinha in a case of illegal admission in a college in Rajasthan. Accused Salim Nizamuddin Thapa had grabbed three crore rupees by getting thirty students passed in government recruitment. Investigation has revealed that Nikunj Parmar grabbed Rs 40 lakh by getting 4 candidates passed.

Money taken from 300
The mafia gang has so far duped 300 candidates of more than Rs 30 crore by getting them passed and 300 people are doing jobs in different areas on the basis of malpractice. This has raised suspicion that this scam is bigger than the Bhavnagar dummy scandal.
It has come to light that the gang took Rs 10 lakh each and more than Rs 30 crore from 300 candidates. The 3 arrested accused also include an educationist and a software engineer.

Statements of 55 recorded
More than 20 officials have been given notice by the police. Statements of 55 employees who switched off the power have been recorded, while notices have been issued to 42 other employees. It is worth noting that the names of about 20 employees of MGVCL and PGVCL have come to the fore, notices have also been issued to them.
11 people were arrested from Mehsana. The higher office of the electricity department has ordered 6 electricity employees who were absent or on leave in the investigation of Surat Crime Branch in the electricity office located in Modasa, not to come to work.

Bribe bid
The investigation of the scam stopped after the arrest of retired engineer Ishwar Prajapati of Modasa.

There were many brokers in Aravalli-Sabarkantha.

A broker from Sabarkantha invited bids for the job of junior engineer in the hall of a famous hotel located on the bypass road of Modasa city. In which 25 to 27 lakh rupees were fixed. Later the broker’s middlemen fixed the deal for 23 lakhs per candidate. 15 candidates and their family members were present in this meeting.

A broker named Varun had already got government jobs in a similar way, so most of the greedy people used to come to him. Half the amount was given within a few days of calculation.

In which eight exam centres the scam was carried out

(1) Sarathi Academy located at Varachha Road, Surat

(2) Sutex Bank Commerce College, Surat Amroli

(3) Stack Wise Technologies located at Vadodara Atladara

(4) Seven Cloud located at Vadodara Atladara

(5) Shrey Infotech located at Ahmedabad Naroda

(6) Success Infotech located at Rajkot

(7) Vadodara Institute of Engineering College located at Kotambi Village, Vadodara

(8) K.J.I.T.Engineering College, Vadodara Savli

The Crime Branch conducted the investigation in consultation with Surat Crime Branch ACP B.P. Rozia and on the basis of that yesterday the Crime Branch registered more than 12 cases against the owner, computer lab in-charge, agent of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Aravali exam centre. etc. agents Indravadan Ashwinbhai Parmar (S.W.49, residence house no. B/75, Gokul Township, near Rameshwar School, Gotri Road, Vadodara) and Mohammad Rafiq Kapadwala, owner of Sarathi Academy in Varachha, Surat through Mohammad Uvesh (F.39, residence Wadi Khatri Pole, behind Swaminarayan Mandir, Yasi

Nakhan Pathan Road, Vadodara) were arrested. Retired officer Ishwar Prajapati, Shik

Farmer Arvind Patel and Arvind Patel’s son Jatin Patel were taken into custody.

The Crime Branch has taken action to arrest Aniket Bhatt, Bhaskar Chaudhary, Nishikant Sinha, Chirayu, Vidyut, Imran and candidates currently working in the power company with the help of this gang. Further investigation is being conducted by PI NB Barot. Vidyut Sahayak recruitment scam: 11 former power company employees including two from Mehsana arrested.

Who has committed the crime against whom?

(1) Indravadan Ashwinbhai Parmar (Rest Vadodara) – Obtained names of candidates through agents and sent them to exam centres.

(2) Ovesh Mohmandrafi Kapadwala – Owner of Sarathi Academy located at Varachha Road in Surat city
(3) Saikumar (resident of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh) – Computer Lab Incharge, Sutex Bank Commerce College, Surat Amroli
(4) Bhaskar Gulabchand Chaudhary – Owners of Stack Wise Technologies, Vadodara Atladra
(5) Chirayu Shah, Imran and Aniket Pramodbhai Bhatt – Owners of Seven Cloud, based in Vadodara, Shrey Infotech based in Ahmedabad Naroda and Success Infotech based in Rajkot
(6) Computer Lab Incharge, Vadodara Institute of Engineering College, Kotambi Village, Vadodara
(7) Nishikant Sinha (Shesh Bhayli, behind Wave Club, Vadodara) – Computer Lab Incharge, affiliated to Vadodara Institute of Engineering College
(8) Vidyut Prakash (Vishram Vadodara) – KJIT located in Savli, Vadodara district. Computer Lab Incharge of Engineering College
(9) Ajay Patel (Shesh Choila, Dist. Baid, G. Aravalli) – Agent who contacts job seekers.
(10) Manhar Patel (Retd. Baid, G. Aravalli) – Agent who contacts job seekers
(11) Other agents contacting job seekers and malpractice candidates who have passed online exam and got job and others

Who arrested whom
1] Nishaben Prakashbhai Patel [Age 36, Residency, Mahaveer Nagar, Dist. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]
2] Jalpaben Bhoumikkumar Patel [Age 34, Residency, Village Hadiyal, Dist. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]
3] Upasana Ben Chiragbhai Sutaria [Age 30, R/o Badoli, Dist. Adar, G. Sabarkantha]
4] Neelaben Vikrambhai Chavda [age 33, resident of Chorivad, Dist. Adar, G. Sabarkantha]
5] Jignasaben Sandipbhai Patel [Dr. 34, Res., Dharoi Colony Road, Dt. Visnagar, G. Mehsana]
6] Prakashkumar Maganbhai Wankar [age 28, resident of Bhadari, Dt. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]
7] Altafbhai Umarfarooq Lodha [age 34, resident of Ilol, Dt. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]
8] Manishkumar Dhanjibhai Pardhi [B.35, Residency, Maliwada, Dt. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]
9] Rohitkumar Muljibhai Makwana [age 34, resident of Motipura, Dt. Himantanagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]

10] Pravinbhai Dhanjibhai Chaudhary [above 30, Residency, Sartanpura, Dist. Mahesana]

11] Asimbhai Yunusbhai Lodha [died 32, resident. Ilol, dated Himantnagar, Dist. Sabarkantha]

So far 17 accused have been sent to judicial custody

On May 19, 2023, a crime was registered at DCB police station in Surat under sections 418, 419, 420, 120 (B) of IPC and sections 66, 66 (D) of Information Technology Act. A total of 17 accused, including the examination center administrator, main agent, were arrested earlier in this scam. All the accused are still in judicial custody.

Those who got jobs by fraud were caught

–Nisha D/0 Prakashbhai Patel, resident. R3R, Radheshyam Park Society, Gayatri Mandir Road, Mahavir Nagar Himmatnagar District Sabarkantha
— Jalpa wife of Bhoumikkumar Patel daughter of Bipinchandra Banarasibhai Patel, M.P.O. Hadiyal Village. Bhimawadi Palui District. Himmatnagar District Sabarkantha
— Puja w/o Chiragbhai Sutaria daughter of Khanabhai Bhikhabhai Sutaria, M.P. Dt. Idar G. Sabarkantha
— Neelam wife of Vikrambhai Chavda daughter of Narayandas Kuberdas Parmar, M.P.O. Chorivad Dt. Idar G. Sabarkantha — Jignasa wife of Sandipbhai Patel daughter of Purushottambhai Haribhai Patel, House No. 18, Pushpkunj Society, Dharoi Colony Road Dt. Visnagar Dist. Mehsana
— Prakash Maganbhai Vankar, M.P.O. Bhadari Dt. Himmatnagar Dist. Sabarkantha
— Altaf Umar Farooq Lodha, resident M.P.O. Ilol Dt. Himmatnagar Dist. Sabarkantha
— Manish Dhanjibhai Parghi, Vill. Maliwada Post. Savgarh Dt. Himmatnagar Dist. Sabarkantha
— Rohit Muljibhai Makwana, House No.-60, Shardakunj Society, Motipura Dt. Himmatnagar Dist.
— Praveen Dhanjibhai Chaudhary, Vill. Sartanpur Dist. Satlasana Gt. Mehsana
— Asim Yunusbhai Lodha, Vill. Ilol Dt. Himmatnagar Dist.

Investigations are going on at a snail’s pace in the power companies of the Energy Department and electrical assistants are being suspended. Yuvraj Singh Jadeja said on this issue that in the year 2021, an examination was conducted by Success Infotech Company for the recruitment of Electrical Assistant, in which a bribe of Rs 10 to 15 lakh was taken and irregularities were done. So far, action has been taken against a total of 55 candidates. He also claimed that only the candidates are being implicated and not the mastermind of the entire scam, the negligent power company officials. It has also been said that this case should be run in a fast track court and an inquiry should be conducted against all the middlemen, agents, officials. After the report of a well-planned scam in the online Jetco examination, a CBI inquiry was demanded at the highest level in the government.

The things that have come to light in this scam include Prantij, Modasa, Dhansura, Virpur-Koydam, Junagadh, Keshod Agents were active in many places including the government. He took lakhs of rupees from the candidates and got them jobs in various power companies. Who was involved in the scam the whole time, it should also be investigated. When students had to lose their jobs and face humiliation in the society due to middlemen, then it should be investigated thoroughly.

Electrical Assistant – District

Raisingh Barad Chorwad
Ramesh Bani Bantva
Roopal Maru Lalpur
Markhi My dear
Deepak Kandoria Dhoraji
Vishal Gal Bhayavadar
Prakash Nandaniya Jam Jodhpur
Chetanben Kandoria Kutiyana
Ravi Solanki Bhayavadar
Bhagwati Dodia Dasada
Abdul Samad Thakor Botad
Tushar Prajapati Samkhayali
Hemangi Parmar Barwala
Sampoorna Patel Pipaliya
Manan Sindhav Dasada
Vijay Dabhla Ranpur
Sonal Prajapati Saila
Gopi Jadav Surendranagar
Savdas Keshavala Varad
Padmaji Rabari Deshalpar
Arpit Patel Saila
Pushpraj Singh Rana Surendranagar
Hardik Rathore Gandhidham
Unnati Joshi Bhachau
Bipin Patel Payyad
-Satish Patel Payyad
Mitesh Patel Botad
Siddh Vadher Dasada
Mittal Chaudhary Bhuj
Sanjay Rathore Charadwa (Google translation from Gujarati)