MLAs and MPs do not become complainants, chief head Rupani gets up from Pati’s accusations

Gandhinagar, 13 April 2021
In Gujarat, instead of 300 cases per day, more than 6,000 cases of corona are now being registered. The second wave of Corona has no lockdown but the number of cases is increasing.

BJP MP and state president Chandrakant Patil and Congress leaders lashed out at the government for failing, with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani telling employees that elected representatives should be held accountable and not prosecutors. There is no need to panic with questions. But together we have to find a positive solution.

Increased testing and tracing, provision of new beds in hospitals, provision of oxygen and ventilators are the challenges of Remedivir injection.

In the last 15 days, 18,000 new corona beds have been built in Gujarat.

20,000 injections of Remedivir daily have been found in other states such as Assam and Mumbai. Remedivir injection is given first in government hospitals and then in private hospitals. It is necessary not to use unnecessary treatment.

If the oxygen level in the patient is above 94%, then household isolation should be maintained. Earlier, the oxygen requirement in Gujarat was 240 tonnes which has increased to 600 tonnes.

Earlier, 50,000 corona trials were conducted in Gujarat which has increased to 1.30 lakh today. Sanjeev has Rath, Dhanvantari Rath and 104 helplines in major cities of Gujarat.

The region where there are more than five cases of corona is declared as micro-content. So that the infection can be prevented.

In Gujarat, 11 out of 24 hours of corona curfew are implemented to prevent corona transmission. Therefore it is very important that people do not go outside unnecessarily.