Britannia Biscuit Company Caught From Pollution

It has been 101 years since Britannia Industries Ltd. started in 1918. Has just launched 50 new products. Including croissants, cream wafers. The most trusted name in every Indian family.

The company has caught hands with pollution in Gujarat.

Bharuch, Zaghadia manufactures Britannia Industries Biscuits located in Plot No.23 of GIDC. Zero falls into the water discharge category. According to the law, they have to treat the waste water in their plant and consume it in the plant itself. Disposal is a crime. Zero discharges are illegal and disposed of.

The polluted water was released late in the rainy season behind the Britannia Company. People reported to the GIDC monitoring team and Salimbhai Patel of the Nature Security Board. The company declared that the wastewater had run out due to our employee’s mistake. No acidic.

Bronze polluted the whole

The rain bronze made at GIDC has been illegally linked to the flowing bay of Salod, Phulwadi, Kapalsari, and so on. All the polluted water of the Jhadiya GIDC mixes in Narmada through the bay. There is serious malpractice. People say that there should be no penalties but criminal prosecution.

The Britannia Company’s share price is Rs.3122.

Britannia Industries Ltd. Net profit of Rs 289.69 crore. Total revenue is Rs.2,726.40 crore. Yet there is no social contribution for the people here. Also, at a board meeting dated May 1, 2019, the company pays a dividend of Rs.15 (1500%) per share on equity shares of Rs.

The Britannia company weighs less

There has been shocking news for people who blindly believe in branded goods. Multinational company Britannia Industries Ltd labeled 210g on a packet of Good Day Biscuits, weighing 185.14g. The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum fined Britannia in 2016 for service impairment. A customer named Anubhai Bhimajiani from Junagadh purchased 10 packets of Britannia Good Day Biscuits from a Provision store in December 2014. However it was weighed less than shown in the packet.

Breakfast came to market

Britannia Industries has brought Snacks into the market to challenge PepsiCo and Haldiram after collecting Rs 500 crore through bonds through commercial paper. Britannia Industries has 80 plants with a Britannia Time Pass brand in front of PepsiCo and Haldiram to go into the Britannia Industries’ 24-crore Salty Snacks market. Britannia, the owner of the Goodday and Nutrichoise brand, has set a goal of becoming a total food company.

Britannia, a company worth Rs 10,000 crore, had already made an entry in the snacks category, but then it quit. Britannia Industries is worth $ 122.28 million.

Plant in Kutch

After Parle, Kutch Britannia has expanded the Mundra plant. Export oriented entire product of the working unit with investment of 155 crore in Mundra SEZ. Here cream biscuits and tosses are produced. Which has an annual production capacity of 28 thousand metric tons. The unit employs 800 people. original new article from Gujarati, any question pl, see