Gang war – Surat gang leader Hardik Patel and Surya murdered

Surat is once again gang-raped. At the headquarters of Surat, Surya Marathi (Suresh Srirambhai Pawar), at the headquarters of Surat’s Vedderod, seven ammunition were infiltrated with deadly weapons including sharp sword, knife, chappa. Two murders have been carried out. Suryait, a former Surya Marathi and now an enemy, has attacked Surya and his men. Hardik also suffered serious injuries in a face-to-face attack between Surya and Hardik. Later during the brief treatment, both sun and heart were killed. Shops were closed in the entire area. There may have been some dispute between Hardik Patel and Surya Marathi. Police are investigating further on the basis of CCTV. Other people are involved in the attack. Manu Dahiya, who had a head-on collision with the gang, was also often involved in public events. A few days ago, Surya Marathi was declared innocent in the Manu Dahiya case. Surya Marathi was settled in an office at Vedderod within five days of her release from prison. Three wounds were found on the body of Surya Marathi and two wounds of heart were found.