Building a magnificent Ram temple coming days – Amit Shah

Ahmedabad, 12 January 2020

BJP National President Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the worker Sneha Sammelan in Naranpura constituency. He recalled his work as an activist of Naranpura ward from 7th to 8th. He thanked everyone for the support of all friends of Naranpura from Booth President of Sanghvi High School at Booth No.1 to National President.

With the blessings of the people, from the corporation to the central government, the BJP is serving the people in the power of the country by winning all elections. AD to BC Modi’s lion has been instrumental in advancing the BJP till the 7th. Amit remembered that thing. Modi provided Gujarat with inclusive governance from AD to AD by doing public works. Riot, starvation, disappeared. Tanker rule was over. The growth rate was over 5% and the agricultural growth rate was more than two figures. If the Narmada water flows on two banks in the Sabarmati riverfront, then its success can be attributed to Modi. Indulging in corruption, failing in internal security, failing to respond to the nefarious intentions of Pakistan, the people of the country established a full-fledged BJP government under Modi, who successfully ruled Gujarat. By successfully applying the principle of poor welfare and Antyodaya, the goal of crossing the border was achieved with the blessings of the people in , which Modi had done in the first five years.

In the first five years of Modi’s rule and under the supervision of Home Minister Rajnath Singh, work began to strengthen the internal security of the country. Uri and Pulwama responded to Pakistan with a surgical strike when Pakistan overturned. Even the previous Manmohan Singh government could not call Pakistan’s previous terrorist nefarious activities “.

Every citizen of the country wished that Article 5 be removed, Kashmir should be completely merged with India. Modi has done historical service for the country by removing Articles 8A and 35A on 8 August. In the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the Congress unfortunately opposed it and expressed the apprehension that blood rivers would flow into Kashmir and the country. But we all know that there is no blood drop or even a single pill for this matter in Kashmir. The provisions of triple talaq have been abolished by more than 3 Islamic countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia. But when Modi’s government in India decided to abolish the triple talaq provision in favor of Muslim mothers and sisters.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled on the construction of the majestic Ram temple instead of the birthplace of Lord Rama. As per the apex court’s order, the BJP-led government at the Center is committed to building a trust within 7 days and building a magnificent temple that touches the sky in the coming days.

Opposition’s opposition is challenged by CAA’s law if they have a citizenship provision. The CAA provides for granting citizenship to the destitute in India for the protection of their religion and their dignity. The Act provides for the promises made by Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabh Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of independence. According to people like Arvind Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, Rahul Baba, looking at over 5 lakh 4,000 postcards on a daily basis, “there are no legs of lies”. It is not only a postcard, but a heartfelt congratulatory letter to the citizens. It is my call to all the workers of Gujarat to go from house to house making maximum missed calls so that they can vote in support of the decision taken by Modi in support of CAA.

Amit Shah said that the truth about Article VII, A, Ram Temple and CAA should be disclosed to the public. CAA is a promise made to the people of the country and for us the election manifesto is a promise to the people of the country.

The Congress government of Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan had promised to give citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs during the assembly elections.

Amit Shah said that all the people across the country should feel that Modi is standing with Modi like Modi and Modi is paying tribute to him.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, along with Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and Revenue Minister, Kaushal Patel addressed the occasion at the function. Karnavati Metropolitan President Jagdish Panchal welcomed everyone by giving a welcome speech. The city president warmly thanked the city president for writing the five lakh, seventy thousand CAAs postcards written by the citizens of the metropolis in India’s Limca Book of World Records. The entire event was handled by KC Patel, the general secretary and in-charge of the northern region.