By increasing subscribers in Gujarat, Jio got the benefit of paying Rs 92,000 crore

મુકેશ અંબાણી
મુકેશ અંબાણી

Gandhinagar, 25 December 2020
With 2.50 crore subscribers, Jio has become the largest mobile phone company in Gujarat. Of the phone companies that paid Rs 92,000 crore, Jio had the lowest contribution. In the decision taken by the Modi government, Jio had to pay nothing.
On October 24, 2019, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that the central government would have to pay around Rs 92,000. The biggest loss of orders is to Airtel, while Reliance Jio will have to pay the least amount. The amount of Rs 92,000 crore is the only amount that is owed on license fees, interest, penalties and interest on penalties.

Impact on Jio: The decision of the Supreme Court had no significant impact on Jio. Jio will have to pay only Rs 13 crore. Jio has spent Rs 35,000 crore to build its network across the country. The company is still making a profit after snatching customers from Airtel and Vodafone. Jio did not have to pay money due to a dispute between the telecom companies and the government.

Thus, Jio has benefited immensely in acquiring customers in Gujarat.

Which company has to pay how much money?

Airtel costs Rs 21,682 crore
Vodafone 19823 crore
The idea is worth Rs 8485 crore.
Tata Tele Rs 9,987 crore
RCom Rs 16,456 crore
Aircel Rs 7,852 crore
Telenor India Rs. 1,950 crores
BSNL 2098 Crore
MTNL Rs. 2,537 crores
Videocon Rs 1,032 crore
Reliance Jio Rs 13 crore

Companies have and still are using spectrum, so companies will have to pay for it as well. In which
Airtel Rs 19,825 crore
Vodafone-Idea costs Rs 11,004 crore
Rs 2,290 crore by Tata Telecom
RCom costs Rs 3,533 crore
Aircel Rs. 2,007 crores
Reliance Jio 28 Crore
Telenor india 198 crores
The other is 1,455 crores