Change the figures to turn Modi’s defeat into victory, EC’s conspiracy

Why was the security agency of Parliament suddenly changed?

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, May 22, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

Many complaints of election rigging have been received in many Lok Sabha seats of Gujarat. There have been many complaints of intimidation of candidates, not providing facilities, irregularities in voting and fake voting in Gujarat. Candidates have been kidnapped and changed parties. This election is not fair. Voting figures have been tampered with.

Once again BJP has claimed to win 26 seats of Gujarat by a margin of 5 lakhs. Even though people have opposed the government by voting less, a campaign has been launched to get all 26 seats to BJP. In many areas, the behavior of election officials has been seen to be suspicious and helpful to BJP.

This has not happened only in Gujarat, it has happened in many parts of the country.

Security of Parliament

Two days ago, 1400 central policemen were removed and 3300 CISF personnel were deployed to prevent entry into the Indian Parliament after Trump came to power in Sri Lanka and America.

The security of the new and old Parliament House has been completely handed over to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). From May 20, 3317 CISF personnel will be deployed for the security of Parliament. This decision has been taken after the security breach in the new Parliament House on December 13 last year.

The Parliamentary Duty Group of CRPF deployed in Parliament has withdrawn its 1400 personnel on May 17. They have also removed all their vehicles, weapons and commandos. The CRPF Commander DIG rank officer has handed over all the information related to Parliament security to CISF.

CRPF PDG, about 150 Delhi Police personnel and Parliament Security Personnel (PSS) who were jointly guarding the Parliament till now. They have also been withdrawn. However, some people entered the Parliament and threw pamphlets. After this, it is being said that this decision has been taken. But it has been many months since that incident. But doubts are being raised as to why this was done when a new government is coming.

Are the politicians afraid that the people of India will not accept the election results and what will happen if the Parliament interferes? Modi does not have such fear, right?

EVMs, Collectors and Election Commission are probably helping the BJP to get more than 400 seats. It is certain that it will get more than 400 seats. Like the Gujarat Assembly. Despite massive protests and Modi’s appeal to vote, people have not come out to vote.

Prashant Kishore

Now Prashant Kishore and TV will create such an atmosphere that more than 400 seats were to come. People have been inspired to believe this fraud.

Prashant Kishore has been fielded. Prashant is saying that BJP is coming back to power. There is no anger towards Modi. BJP does not seem to be losing anywhere. He has been working for Modi in Gujarat since 2009. He is giving statements to create a credible environment that Modi will get more than 400 seats. This is not a deception but the truth. He is saying this.

An attempt is being made to create a narrative to hide the deception done with the people of the country. Systematic planning has been done to convert BJP’s electoral defeat into victory.

Crossed 400 in exit polls

TV surveys will show that BJP is getting more than 400 seats. The figures of survey agencies have been finalized. The atmosphere will be created in such a way that people will believe that such a meeting was bound to happen.

BJP’s 50 lakh WhatsApp groups will be involved in this work.

Elections are just a sham. Everything else has been decided. The counting figures have been arranged. The Election Commission has also made arrangements for counting. It is difficult for the Commission to implement it.

The entire election has now become a mystery. Everything is under control in Delhi. The entire buffalo named election has been stolen. This election has shown why elections can be rigged in the world’s largest country of 1.4 billion people.

The Election Commissioner resigned before the elections began and other Election Commissioners were suddenly appointed. This was already planned. All the wrongdoings of the Election Commission are clearly visible. Candidates have been threatened.

Arrangement of votes

1 crore 10 lakh votes increased in the first phase. This figure may be even bigger when all the phases are completed. In some states, the vote has increased by 25 percent.

The figures given after 11 days and 4 days are also given in percentage. The percentage was revealed when there was a huge protest.

Earlier they were given within 24 hours.

There is a game of manipulating and hiding the figures.

Ram Mandir Modi

The Election Commission is standing in support of the BJP. They are doing everything to bring Modi back to power. Which we have seen in Gujarat.

Votes cannot be sought in the name of religion and caste but Modi and Amit Shah have given speeches all over the country to get votes in the name of religion and caste. Photos have been posted.

Cannot lie or make false promises.

Election Commission’s ears have been cut off, its wrists have been cut so that it cannot listen, work or speak.


Pages of Modi in the press are being filled with interviews. His interviews are being given on TV. He is not the owner who takes it for free. Election Commission is silent on this. Despite advertisements being published in the name of Ram in Gujarat’s newspapers, the Commission did not take any initiative. Due to Godi media, Panchs are openly insulting their own people.

Takes it.

Shameless punch
Curtains and posters are thrown side by side. Election Commission has become dumb and deaf. No fair elections. Five questions are being raised. They have become shameless. So lawyer Mehmood Pracha had to run to the court.

Former Election Commissioner SY Qureshi has raised questions on the commission.

The officer disappears.

6% increase in votes

Six% increase in votes. Which can give victory to the ruling party. Vote figures have not been made available.

There is no reason for not giving figures or giving them late. Live figures are coming. In which only ballot votes will have to be added. Machine-wise voting figures have not been given to the candidates. Form 17 will have to be made available on request.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahu Gandhi says that elections should have been held with ballot papers and not machines. (Google translation from Gujarati)