Bulldozers on 1.5 lakh hut-like houses in the country and 25 thousand in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, May 22, 2024
The Housing and Law Rights Network (HLRN) released a report on forced evictions. More than 1.5 lakh houses were arbitrarily demolished between 2022 and 2023. More than 7.4 lakh people have been displaced in the country due to this brutal destruction of people’s homes. The number of demolished houses and the total number of displaced people doubled in 2023 compared to 2022.

In 2023 alone, about 2.8 lakh people were evicted by various state and central agencies in Delhi (NCT), which is the highest number in the country during the same period. It is followed by Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. BJP governments have demolished the houses of 25 thousand people in Gujarat. More than eight lakh thatched houses are illegally constructed in Ahmedabad. More than 20 lakh houses are illegal in Gujarat. It has been legalised rather than demolished.

A home is a living breathing ecosystem. A home is made from pieces of memories, lives, social relationships. Home is a promise of security, a means of happiness and dignity, and a matter of pride. Where the family lives and builds the future.

The Delhi Forest Department demolished 25-30 houses in Tughlakabad and Aya Nagar. The forest department claimed it had freed 1.5 hectares of forest land from ‘illegal’ encroachment. Several families were served notices in the evening and JCBs began demolishing their homes the next morning.

In January 2024, a total of 440 demolitions were reported to have been carried out by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). 70 acres of land has been recovered. A mosque, four temples and 77 graves were demolished on January 30.

On December 21, 2023, around 300 houses were demolished near Mathura Road.

As of 13 November 2023, 1000 families and 4800 individuals were affected.

The largest number of evictions during 2022-23 (58.7 per cent) were from slums, followed by infrastructure and ‘development’ project categories at 35 per cent.

Thousands of poor residents were rendered homeless against the backdrop of the G-20 summit scheduled to be held in New Delhi in 2023. About 3 lakh residents were affected by the preparations for the G-20.

13.5 million people live in unauthorised colonies in the national capital.

Courts have refused to intervene in cases of forcible or summary evictions by government authorities.

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When the bulldozers moved, no one came to help. Modi ji had said that ‘Jahan jhuggi, wahin makaan’. There are no houses here. Implementation of the PM-Awas (Urban) scheme is slow. EWS flats are allotted to people from economically weaker sections. Not the poor. (Google translation from Gujarati)