Education in a Bus – India’s First Solar Computer School Bus, Gov. Guj. Bus School 1.20

Education on Wheels, India’s First Solar Computer School Bus
Ahmedabad, 9 May 2023
Devyani Patel, Manager, Craft Silicon Foundation, says that the gift of education is an inexhaustible gift. The institution has arranged Education on Wheels – Computer Bus. It is the first bus in India to have a complete system installed including a 10kW solar system with 16 panels, batteries and inverters. All the equipment of the bus is powered by solar energy. The solar panels are set at a slant with the help of a mechanical system, so that after the bus stops, the panels can be opened with the help of a remote and a hydraulic pump to take advantage of maximum sunlight. With this solar energy one bus can study for about 6 hours. Being self-sustainable, this computer bus is also beneficial for the environment. In the digital age, computers have become an integral part of the lifestyle.

Kraft Silicone Foundation.
“Computer Education on Wheels” has been launched by Kraft Silicon Foundation. The bus has been converted into a mobile computer classroom with facilities like 26 computers, 2 air conditioners, fans and lights. Free education on use of computer is provided at home. Knowledge of computer hardware and software is imparted to students above 11 years of age, out of school children, youth and women.

The three month course provides knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point and Excel), Networking, Internet and Computer Hardware. Then the students are tested. Pass certificates are given to the passed students. Helps in getting job.

So far, about 500 students have been taught computer studies by taking them to school in the bus and from the bus. Every day from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, education is provided to the children of more than one area by taking bus to the project site in the areas of Ahmedabad. A computer bus with staff remains at that place for a period of about 3 months till the entire course is completed.

After the completion of the batch at one place, the bus reaches the other place and another batch starts.

Through various projects like ‘Shikshamitra’, ‘Gulabi Cheela’, ‘Har Ghar Anand’, students are helped to progress in the field of studies.

Educational material was distributed to 75 schools in Gujarat and Rajasthan. In the Shikshamitra project, youth, scholars, students, persons of any age join the organization and donate their time for the study of needy children according to their interest.

In the ‘Pink Chilli’ project, sweaters were distributed by the organization to all signal buses in Ahmedabad as well as some schools in the tribal areas of Aravalli. Target to educate one crore children in 10 years.

Government bus school
10 buses were started by the Ahmedabad Municipal School Board for poor children to provide education to children living at traffic signals. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has given the green signal.
Students are taught while sitting in the bus. Which goes up to Gulbai Tekra, Vastrapur, RTO, Narol, Naroda area of the city.

Signal School has CCTV, Gamat with knowledge, LED, Books, Notebook. 15 children study in a school bus.
A provision of Rs 12 crore has been made. Signal school has been started with the slogan of education not alms. 1 crore 20 lakh has been spent on a school. It is estimated that 500 children are studying daily.

On 6 March 2022, 10 signal school buses were started in different areas of the city. 139 children studying in Signal School for three months. These children will be taught in AMC school till class eight. , After three months, now 139 children of Signal School have been given admission in the school. 101 new children came to Signal School. A student is kept on the school bus for only one year, then transferred to a nearby school.

40 Schools on Wheels have been started for the children of Mithana Agaria in Surendranagar.