Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, know the truth of grain aid

Gujarat has given 42.48 lakh quintals of free market value of Rs.975.93 crore to 92% of the total population of the state. Rs per person. The item of 162 is given for one month. Which is going to be a daily thing of Rs. 7 kg of grains, sugar, oil, salt, lentils. All this is given to these five things in one month one or one and a half kilos per man. 33 grams of food per day. Which is also insufficient food for the cockroach.
The Chief Minister of Gujarat considers himself sensitive but seeing this figure, the head of the BJP government is making a mockery of his 6 crore people. Rupani has been constantly announcing as if she has done a great favor by giving an item of Rs. 5 per day.
Cowardly Chief Minister
He urged the state administration and the Food and Civil Supplies Department to ensure free distribution of foodgrains so that no one in the state goes to bed hungry when business-employment-employment-economic activities are in a state of lockdown. Victory is taking shape. But the reality is, people are starving. A two-course meal doesn’t even make tea for Rs. The people are starving and their Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is so scared of Corona that they are now stuck in the AC house and AC office. They are routinely scared. The condition of the people is known by walking in the slums of the eastern part of Ahmedabad. If they don’t want to go anywhere, go to Sarnia Vas at the end of Indira Bridge on their way and ask a woman if her stove is on fire. But they will not go, because our Chief Minister is insensitive and timid. If the doctor and nurse are treating the corona patient without fear then why the CM is not among the corona patient. The Punjab Congress chief minister is a military man who goes to the hospital without fear. But the Gujarat Chief Minister does not want to leave Gandhinagar.

BJP’s program, grain
Wheat, rice, pulses, sugar and salt have been distributed free of cost to more than 66 lakh beneficiaries of foodgrains under the National Food Security Act in April. Adequate supply of foodgrains is available at home, Rupani said. Rotten grain was in many places. Low weight grains were given. There were also complaints that the people were not getting food grains. BJP workers were present at the shops to impose a roof on the poor as if they were donating to the BJP by going to a cheap sound shop. There have been many incidents of government operations being done by the BJP itself. In Surat, outside the office of BJP MP CR Patil, it was found out that cheap food was being smuggled in a private car.

The grain rats 
Rupani has revealed that 60 million people have bought from 17,000 shops in 15 days. This literally means that an average of 3530 people bought from one shop. Every day 235 people went shopping. It can happen when 20 people buy in an hour. Even if it takes just 15 minutes for a customer to make a purchase, 300 minutes is required. The work is done in 60 minutes. Thus, according to the calculation of time, there has been a rush to buy food grains, because the government system has sold the food grains of the poor on the black market. According to an estimate, barely half of the people have gone to buy cheap food grains. The second grain is eaten by rats.
In a very short span of 12 lakh quintals of wheat, 5 lakh quintals of rice, 90 thousand quintals of sugar, 70 thousand quintals of chickpeas and tur dal and 78 thousand quintals of salt, a total of 19.38 lakh quintals of grain has been distributed to district headquarters, taluka centers and village level. Vijaybhai Rupani has said with a sigh that he has done a challenging job himself.

Have a survey conducted by a private organization
If Rupani is correct then how many people have actually taken the grain by handing over the survey work to IIM-A. It is known. But if Rupani does so, will be exposed. Government corruption is likely to come out. A survey last week found no grain.
N.F.S.A. The state government has shown its deepest sympathy to the Antyodaya families by distributing wheat, rice, sugar, pulses and salt worth Rs 445 crore free of cost to 66 lakh Antyodaya and priority families.

Grain to 60 lakh middle class poor families
Distributed free foodgrains to 13 million middle class families with 60 lakh APL-1 card holders from 13 April 2020. Of these, 45 lakh cardholders have 4.50 lakh quintals of wheat with a market value of Rs 94.50 crore, 1.40 lakh quintals and rice with a market value of Rs 30.80 crore, 45,000 quintals of sugar with a market value of Rs 18 crore and tur with a market value of Rs 27 crore. And chickpeas together with a total market value of Rs 170.30 crore 6.80 lakh quintals of foodgrains have been procured from 17,000 government approved cheap foodgrains shops.
This grain is also scavenged. The government should give the responsibility of conducting card and house sample survey to Ahmedabad IIM to bring out the truth.
Under Annabrahm Yojana, 14190 quintals of wheat, 6390 quintals of rice, 4260 quintals of sugar and 4260 quintals of tur-chana dal together with a total market value of Rs. But April 29, 2020 did not disclose the number of people he took away. Declare what is cooked. If the workers from outside the state have been given this grain then why are they migrating.