China has been capturing Indian troops with weapons, Army said nothing like that had happened

Indian patrols landed in Pangong earlier this week in a scuffle with Chinese troops. After this, a high voltage drama took place between the two countries.

During the tensions between the Indian and Chinese armies in Ladakh, Indian troops were captured by Chinese troops, who were later released. However, the army said no Indian soldiers were detained. India’s weapons have not been snatched from China.

The main reason for the controversy is said to be that China has built bunkers and tents in the border area. The army on both sides has been augmented.

There is no demarcation on the Indo-China border, so both countries have their own claims about the border. Negotiations have been held at the representative level to resolve the dispute, but no concrete results have been achieved. Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have also made efforts to restore confidence on the border, but the situation on the border remains tense.

Earlier this week in Pangong, there were melee situations between the Indian and Chinese armies. The report, sent to the PMO, said the detained patrol party was headed by Army and ITBP. As the dispute escalated, a border meeting of commanders from both sides was called and the situation then calmed down.

The situation became very volatile last Wednesday when some Indian soldiers were taken into custody after a scuffle between Indian troops and Chinese troops. But they were later released. According to the official, weapons were also snatched from the ITBP personnel in the scuffle. “But eventually the weapons were returned. Our troops are back,” he said.