Government can announce One Nation One Health Card on August 15

The government is preparing to bring One Nation One Health Card. Prime Minister Narendra Modi can announce it from the Red Fort on 15 August 2020. The government has announced the One Nation One Ration Card. Everyone will have a health card through the One Nation One Health Card scheme. In this plan, complete information about treatment and testing will be digitally saved in the card. The record will be kept for confirmation. Its big advantage will be that if you are going to get treatment from a doctor in any corner of the country, then you will not need to keep the old report with you. The doctor will check the medical records by unique ID. Each citizen will be given a unique ID. Login will be done on the same basis. It will be implemented in phases. Clinics, hospitals, doctors will be connected to the central server.

A budget of Rs 500 crore has been kept for the first phase of the plan. Health card will be made on the basis of Aadhaar card, but no citizen will be obliged to it. This will be a complete option. If a citizen wants to do so, there will be no coercion on not making it. Citizens’ personal information will be kept secure and confidential. After adding clinics, hospitals, doctors, medical stores, all medical insurance companies through it, the scope of the scheme will be extended. It will take full care of privacy. Only a doctor or hospital employee can view one’s health profile.