Corona billing scam, land scam in Lambha APMC, battle between Amit Shah and Anandiben heavy over farmers

Gandhinagar, 14 June 2020
It was decided to start the vegetable market at Lambha in Ahmedabad as vegetable traders spread the corona all over Ahmedabad in Jamalpur area in Corona. But not one of the 200 traders was given a shop in Lambha. However, traders said that the scam is being done by the authorities by approving a bill of Rs 36 lakhs.

Amit Shah and Anandiben Patel’s fight

Due to differences between BJP leader Amit Shah and former Chief Minister and Governor Anandiben Patel, the chairman of Ahmedabad APMC has not been appointed. Therefore, scams are being carried out one by one by BJP leaders and officials in the name of farmers. Sanjay Patel, son of Anandibhan Patel, was to be appointed as the chairman of the Ahmedabad Agricultural Produce Market Committee. But Amit Shah swore in it. Sanjay Patel’s candidature letter was also forced to be withdrawn. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also does, as Amit Shah says. Then on 21 February 2017, the decision to hold elections was postponed.

Due to BJP leaders, Hudco’s debt was stuck
Lamba’s market is already in dispute. Hudco loan to set up a market here, but even though the market has not been established, it has to pay Rs 3.80 crore per month in the form of interest-installment. The Rupani government has become dumb and dumb for this. There is no work on the new yard in Lamba. The loan installment of Rs crore is outstanding. A new market could not be created because the APMC board was not formed due to BJP leaders. Has taken a loan of Rs 125 crore. HUDCO, which has not paid installments or interest, is adding Rs.18.05 crore as capital and has started charging compound interest with a loan of Rs 155 crore, robbing farmers of 11.10 per cent interest.

Recruitment scam
Ketan Patel, who appointed Anandibah as chairman, and Bhavan Bharwad, vice-president, took the money and arbitrarily recruited more than 123 employees. But Bhavan Bharwad refused to resign and was fired on 13 December 2016. Ketan Patel had to resign. 520 candidates applied but were not interviewed and were not admitted.

BJP’s 1.25 lakh land purchase scam
The land was taken 1.25 lakh times to take the Jamalpur agricultural market 16,000 times. Space is taken. Now the brokers are trying to sell the land in Jamalpur market.
In 2016, Babu Jamana Patel, BJP MLA, the then president of AMPC, constructed 1.94 sq.m. Applied in Bakrol-Bakarabad-Vanjar. Char Malutia has benefited Rs 18.95 crore from the land acquisition scam, so Lamba’s land is in dispute due to the land purchase scam. BJP leader Babu Jamana Patel had decided to buy 5 lakh square meters of land by preparing a Rs 700 crore project. In which two lakh sqm .25 crores Rs. Bought the land. Three lakh sqm of 18 survey numbers due to the objection of Collector Office. Land could not be purchased due to disputes.

The AMPC has a total of eight markets in Vasna, Jamalpur, Naroda, Jetalpur, Khamasa, Manekchouk, Kalupur and Jamalpur. Land was being purchased to take all these out of Ahmedabad. Now the officials are robbing farmers of their rights by putting fake bills on this land.