Corona migrant labor train BJP’s big scam

Ahmedabad, 25 May 2020
On May 25, 2020, at the Kotda police station in Ahmedabad, the police themselves became the complainant and registered a case against six people, including a BJP worker, for blackmailing workers on railway tickets. Corona’s train is a big scam for BJP workers. In which coupons are being blackmailed using politics and votes.

Find out the whole truth about how Corona train tickets are being blackmailed.

The officials have to be applied for the train. Which issues the pass. But very few such trains are being provided by the Collectorate in Gujarat. Laborers have to wait for days. The BJP gives it a political color to take advantage of what is given.

Not only in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, but also in other districts of the state, workers are facing difficulty in moving out of the state.

Near Surat, Hazira and Mora are industrial zones from Surat along the coast and Tapi river. Big companies like L&T, Reliance, Essar are here. According to the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWN), these companies have also contributed Rs 400 crore to the PM Care Fund. In a letter to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on the plight of migrant workers, MLA Jignesh Mewani, a leader of workers and social movement, said, “These companies are trying to hold foreign workers, hostage, because of cheap wages. With the consent of the state government, it is modern slavery.” The lockout has caused mortgages to be taken by contractors and owners in industry expansion. The administration and the police know everything. Yet the eyes are closed.

Police beat him when the workers tried to leave. The laborers had returned. Employers have intimidated workers. Out of fear they are calling social and labor organizations.

Meals were first arranged by service-minded people. Now have to struggle with hunger. It is time for people to starve. Political interference is very much involved in the process of sending migrant workers to their homeland with the Gujarat government. And it’s not any transparent.

The workers filled out the form to go to the village by train. All the information including Aadhaar card number was given. But the number has not come yet. There are millions of people in the state who are still waiting to fill out the form. The Gujarat government has cheated in the name of sending foreign workers to their village by Shramik Express. Under Travel Permit, Government of Gujarat, in addition to online registration, toll-free number 18002339008, WhatsApp no. 9925020243, Land Line No. 079-26440626 was issued and arrangements were made for registration of workers, students, and passengers. The collected data was not used by the collector. All these numbers are from Akshar Travel, Ahmedabad.

Most of the labor trains are organized by local social, political activists. Previously, the railways provided trains for 1200 passengers, later it was increased to 1620. The collector or tehsildar is giving the whole train directly to one person.

Mamlatdar demands data of 1620 passengers ready Kirn for the whole train. He gets the train easily. The train will take the bus to the railway station after the departure date has been fixed. By taking the fare he gives a personal coupon to the passenger. Based on which the passenger goes to the bus going to the railway station.

At the station, the Mamlatdar pays Rs. 750 for all the passengers at the same time as a ticket for 1620 passengers and the Railways gives a ticket of Rs. 750 to each passenger.

If you take 1000 rupees instead of 750, no one will ask about corruption. More than Rs 1,500 has been recovered from several laborers. But workers get coupons and tickets, so they don’t protest much. Because other laborers are walking on foot.

Ahmedabad Collector K.K. When Nirala was asked about the letter misleading laborers about travel and the helpline, he said, it has now been discontinued. Now the trains are leaving.

The petition was filed by Advocate Anand Yagnik in the Gujarat High Court against the hire of foreign workers. Following the hearing, the court directed the state government to bear the fare or release the railways.

IIM Ahmedabad demanded at least two months salary and transport allowance to the workers working on the project. PSP is a construction company. The PSP has also built the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat office and the BJP office in Delhi. PSP also has IIM’s project.

On May 24, the Gujarat High Court asked foreign workers not to charge for train tickets. But most workers paid and took coupons. Following the order, the organizers returned the money recovered. Most of the workers left without taking their money back.
There are full opportunities for corruption in the process of sending workers to their home state. The black market is happening.

The state government wanted to keep foreign workers in the state, but the workers did not stop. Those who get a chance are leaving. Eventually the government had to increase the number of vehicles. The correct decision was not made in time. Millions of people have been disturbed by Modi’s announcement of lockdown overnight. The poor would not have to worry if they were given a few days. This was a big mistake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The whole country is suffering from this. (Translated from the Gujarati report of this website)