Danger – Doctors examining one lakh patients daily in Gujarat without safety equipment

Gandhinagar, 17 May 2020
As 10,000 staff and doctors on duty at 4,000 health centers in Gujarat have not been provided gloves or kits for self-defense in Corona, these staffs are doing people’s work by buying at their own expense. The government has not provided them with the equipment they need for self-defense. Despite the government’s attention to such serious negligence, nothing has happened.

There is only one government MBBS doctor available against 11475 human population. Gujarat ranks 28th nationally in the availability of doctors, which is a great shame for a developed Gujarat.

High level structure has been set up for treatment of health department at village, taluka, district and state level across the state including 2155 health centers, 362 urban and rural community health centers, 1585 rural and district urban primary health centers and 208 corporation primary health centers. Health care is being provided.

From May 1 to May 14, 2020, 14 lakh patients underwent OPD. Treatment, 65 thousand patients as indoor patients, and 54 thousand patients have been provided treatment for diseases like fever and cold. Special vigilance has been taken in the cases of patients with fever and colds who have symptoms of Covid-19. Thus 1.5 million people have been given such treatment in 15 days. Without any of Korana’s safety equipment.

Various tests have also been performed as per the requirement of 49785 patients. And X-rays of 4559 patients.

There are about 2000 to 2200 deliveries per day. 50% of which occurs in government and 50% in private institutions. Young children are being vaccinated. T.B. No TB patients. Medicines related to are being delivered by health workers at home.

Thousands of health workers, including doctors, paramedical staff, and hope workers, are providing treatment to citizens at the risk of their own lives against the Koro epidemic in the state. Health Minister Nitin Patel has appealed to the citizens of the state to encourage these workers and cooperate more and more.

What is the real situation?
The per capita expenditure on health in Gujarat is Rs.270. Other states like Mizoram Rs 1611, Sikkim Rs 1446, Goa Rs 1149, Himachal Pradesh Rs 884, Assam Rs 471, Kerala Rs 454, Chhattisgarh Rs 371, Jharkhand Rs 328, Uttar Pradesh Rs 293 As much as per capita health costs. The per capita expenditure on health is very low in Gujarat in terms of economically developed and high per capita income.

In the state, there has been a sharp decline in the paramedical staff in rural hospitals in the last one year, according to a 2019 report by the Patheya Institute.

Gujarat, which is considered to be ‘developed’, has a shameful situation in the health sector. Out of a total of 1474 primary health centers in the state, 163 are run by doctors without PHCs, while only 92 doctors are available in CHCs out of a total of 363 community health centers. As per norms, 1 surgeon, 1 gynecologist, 1 pediatrician, and 1 general physician should be available at each community health center, but as on March 31, 2017, only 27 surgeons against 363 surgeons, 363 gynecologists against 363 surgeons at 363 CHCs in the state. Physician, only 19 specialists were available against the requirement of 363 pediatricians and only 9 physicians were available against the requirement of 363 general physicians. B.

Similarly, out of 1474 PHCs in the state in 2019, 163 PHCs do not have a single MBBS doctor, while 796 PHCs are run by only one doctor. These statistics give an idea of ​​the dire state of health in the rural areas of the state. BJP’s Vijay Rupani government fails.(Translated from the original Gujarati report of this website)