After Modi’s agriculture insurance failed, Amit Shah’s special chief minister Vijay Rupani announced a new scheme

Gandhinagar, 10 July 2020
After Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave billions of rupees to insurance companies, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani felt that Modi’s Farmers Insurance Scheme was wrong. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who is now Amit Shah’s special man, has stopped Modi’s plan and implemented the Gujarat government’s plan.

Earlier, Congress-ruled states opposed Modi’s Agriculture Insurance Scheme. The Gujarat Congress protested. Farmers leader Dr. Praveen Togadia did it. All this was to say that Modi’s Agriculture Insurance Scheme was right to give money to farmers and insurance companies. Now this is what Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is saying. It may be known that there have been major disputes between Amit Shah and Modi. Vijay Rupani is the special man of Amit Shah. He has created a new scheme by adding his name as Chief Minister.

There are several indications within the BJP that the Agricultural Insurance Scheme has been canceled.

I welcome the fact that Rupani has created a new agricultural insurance scheme by discontinuing Modi’s scheme, Dr. of AHP. Praveen Togadia said.
Vijay Rupani while giving details of the farmer beneficiaries of the scheme said,
Transparent and simple method for crop loss to farmers which includes all the farmers of the state and the affected farmer is not left behind. The state government has decided.
The farmer will not have to pay any premium. The benefit of SDRF will be retained and the benefit of this Chief Minister Kisan Sahayata Yojana will be given.
(1 dry
A taluka that has received less than 10 inches of rain for the current season or for two consecutive weeks (3 days) between two rains in the period from the onset of monsoon to 31 August in the state. (Drought) risk will be considered.
Heavy rain:
Cloud burst, continuous heavy rains such as taluka is considered a unit in 3 hours or more in the districts of South Gujarat region (Bharuch, Narmada, Tapi, Surat, Navsari, Valsad and Dang) and 2 hours in all other districts of the state . According to the rain gauge of Revenue Taluka, rainfall of 3 inches or more is recorded and damage to standing crop will be considered as risk of excess rain.
Unseasonal Rain (Mavathu)
From 15 October to 15 November in the rain gauge of Revenue taluka in 3 consecutive hours 20 mm. If it rains more and the crop gets spoiled in the field, then it will be considered a threat of non-seasonal rain
All the 3-A holder farmers account holders in the entire state are registered in revenue records and
Chartered farmer will be considered a beneficiary under the Forest Rights Act
The plan will be implemented from Kharif 2020
For the benefit of this scheme which should be planted by the farmers in the Kharif season
Regarding the aid standards of the scheme, the Chief Minister said that
The crop loss in Kharif season is 3% to 20% for Rs. 30,000 / – per hectare will be available in the maximum range of 3 hectares.