Deadly negligence, death increased of a patient to Kovid Hospital without treatment of other diseases

Ahmedabad, 16 May 2020

Coronal tests are mandatory in government and private hospitals when a patient arrives for treatment for a serious illness such as kidney, heart, cancer or emergency.

Gyasuddin Sheikh, a Congress MLA from Dariapur in Ahmedabad, pointed out the shortcomings of the failed Rupani government and said that in such circumstances, arrangements should be made for immediate free testing of patients suffering from other ailments and the number of private labs should be increased. In addition, if a person suffering from other ailments is tested, if his / her report is positive, he / she is transferred to Corona ward. He should also get treatment for other ailments along with corona, but that is not happening.

As a result, the death toll continues to rise. On the other hand, patients with serious illnesses other than corona should be rushed to government and private hospitals for free treatment.

The corona virus is proving fatal for patients with other illnesses. Therefore, arrangements should be made to provide excellent treatment for other ailments as well. Every government hospital should ensure that patients receive excellent treatment. The current situation is worrisome.