106 domestic trainer aircraft to be purchased, fighter pilots trained

India is engaged in strengthening its security in Ladakh as China has occupied India’s land. The Ministry of Defense has approved the purchase of 106 domestic trainer aircraft after the purchase of the Rs 1,600 crore Rafale aircraft. The trainer aircraft will be purchased from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Apart from this, procurement of equipment for Army and Coastguards has also been approved. According to sources, the aircraft purchased from HAL will be HTT-40 Basic Trainer. In addition, the purchase of a tank piercing shell is also permitted. The Ministry of Defense has also approved the purchase of guns in Coastguard vessels. This defense deal will cost a total of Rs 8722.88 crore.

In the summer, China gathered forces in Ladakh on the pretext of maneuvers and then attacked several parts including Pangong Lake, Depsang Sado, Gogra, Galvan. On 15 June in Galvan, China agreed to dissolve Gogra, Galvan and Hot Springs, after violent skirmishes and repeated negotiations between the armies of the two countries. But in Pangong Lake and the Depsang region, China has not yet withdrawn its troops and is continuously increasing the number of weapons. Realizing its dangerous intentions, India is also constantly trying its military force.