Bhupendra Patel’s saffron BJP govt destroyed 100 years of academic freedom


On 16 September 2023, the Gujarat Public University Bill was introduced in the Assembly and Congress MLAs opposed it, but the BJP passed it with a majority of 156 MLAs. With the passing of this bill, 100 years of autonomy came to an end – the old MS University of Vadodara, which made the country proud, came to an end. MS University will now be completely under the government.

Most of the Senate and Syndicate members of MS University did not show the courage to oppose this bill. Among those who were opposing this bill, the Senate member of the registered graduate class of Faculty of Technology of Congress has described today as a black day for MS. university.

In an open letter he has said that the BJP rulers have enslaved the university. All the MLAs from Vadodara city and district also made no effort to save their parent institution and signed in favor of the bill. BJP MLAs have done an anti-national thing. -Act of Vadodara. Not a single word could be spoken in the House against the law. All these MLAs are associated with MS University in some way or the other. The people of Vadodara have defeated BJP leaders continuously for 28 years and have been rewarded in the same way.

This Senate member says that efforts will still be made to stop this bill from being implemented by spreading public awareness to save the university.

70 percent seats reserved for Vadodara students will be taken away

After the implementation of the Common Act, there is a discussion going on among the academicians regarding its effects.

–The biggest impact will be on the students of Vadodara. Currently, 70 percent seats were reserved for students from Vadodara in courses like commerce, science, arts. Due to the Common Act, these seats will be abolished and students from all over Gujarat will get them. Entry. Vadodara students will also get BA and B.Com, after spending thousands of rupees the time will come to go abroad.

–Student union elections in MS University will become a thing of the past. In the past, many student leaders have become veteran politicians of Gujarat by contesting elections in the university.

–The sole rule of the Vice-Chancellor will be established because only the Vice-Chancellor has the right to appoint members in all important committees.

–Teachers, employees, students cannot even protest in the name of discipline.

–MS University is the only university in the state providing education through English medium. There is a provision for transfer of teachers in the Common Act, so the question is how will it be possible to transfer teachers from other colleges to the university. ,

–Senate and Syndicate will also become a thing of the past. There will be no democratic atmosphere in the university.

Speculation continues as to how long the current Senate and Syndicate will continue

There is speculation as to how long the current Senate and Syndicate of the University will continue. It is believed that the government will give time to the universities to make necessary changes in the structure of the universities as per the Common Act and till then the existing system will continue.

Education was privatized and commercialized in the three decades of BJP rule, now the bill will privatize education: Amit Chavda

Public Universities Bill 11 will destroy academic autonomy, academic autonomy and financial autonomy of universities: Amit Chavda

Abolishing the Senate Syndicate will replace strong representatives of students, faculty, administrators, non-academic staff with only those members who agree with the government and say yes: Amit Chavda

Discussing the Public Universities Bill in the Legislative Assembly, MLA Congress Party leader Amit Chavda said, “I will elaborate on our past educational tradition, grandeur and progress made in the public life of the society and our state and nation.” The way education was privatized in the state during the three decades of Bharatiya Janata Party rule, education was commercialized and now we are going to privatize education by making separate laws in the state.

We have a great heritage of education which we fear a great loss. The BJP government has promoted privatization in many ways. Bills are being introduced to centralize and decentralize powers and end university autonomy.

We could remove some autonomy clauses. Academic autonomy from the existing 11 universities will be lost. Their financial autonomy will end and their educational autonomy will also end.

Maharaja Sayajirao University started in Central Gujarat and today its name is known all over the world. The diversity and independence of courses will be destroyed. A bigger fleet would be fine.

When a son or daughter goes to college, freedom as a leader, freedom of expression and enthusiasm to see something new, know, learn and fight whatever is wrong gradually comes out of them. Stop coming. Student leadership will end.

The Senate-Syndicate system will end. Till now, in the Senate-Syndicate system, student representatives have been elected, teacher representatives have been elected, various representatives have been coming from teaching and non-teacher category, principal representatives have also been coming and representatives have been nominated by the government. A

Freedom of expression will end.

Instead of abolishing the Senate-Syndicate system, the government proposed to appoint people deliberated on the board of directors.

The system will eliminate extremist people from existence and appoint them. All appointments will be made by the Government or the Chancellor. Then there will be no people who fight and talk. But the Chancellor believes that those who agree with him will be appointed.

The agenda decided by the government or the Chancellor will be implemented. The education system will suffer huge losses. No employee or professor of universities will have freedom of expression. He can’t even write. Can’t even express your thoughts. Even if he comes to plead in any case, he will be afraid. Original writing will not be allowed. Expressing originality will not be allowed.

Be it writing poetry or any other article, letter or expressing yourself in any other way, it will be bound to happen. This will create an atmosphere of fear and terror.

A future of fear is about to be created in educational institutions. The clauses that snatch the expression of teachers and principals who are preparing that future cannot be acceptable in any way in this bill.

Professors can be transferred from one university to another. This provision has also created an atmosphere of fear among the employees. Somewhere he has expressed his views against the orders of the Chancellor. Do not follow the agenda of any political party. If any political party does not participate in the given programs then action will be taken. There is also a fear of abuse.

Most of the properties of all the universities were donated by donors years ago. The question of approving its transfer did not come before the state government. It seems that the state government has some hidden agenda.

Property will also be transferred. Provisions including relocation or other arrangements of our research laboratories will be very challenging for the institutions in the future.

Universities are about to lose their autonomy due to their exclusivity and prestige. This centralization of power has the potential for misuse in the future.

Everyone is protesting. This draft, published under the name of Common Universities Act, was placed in the public domain, which was strongly opposed by faculty, staff unions and student unions. The name may have been changed but the essence of the bill is still the same. The government wants to centralize its power by eliminating autonomy. She wants to nationalize educational institutions.

Will work with the mentality of a government employee. Such a situation has to be created that the university is run by the education department. The future generation of Gujarat, the education system, our high educational heritage is going to suffer. This bill is going to cause huge harm to them.