Modi shows down to Gujarat in setting up cluster industry, Rupani is weak

Gandhinagar, 15 April 2021
The Vijay Rupani BJP government of Gujarat has failed to form a cluster for small traders and industries of Gujarat. Under the MSME-CPD scheme, the state government has submitted eight proposals to the central government. Clusters that will directly benefit micro, small or small scale industries. Proposals were to be made for 33 districts. Which has not happened.

Micro, small and medium enterprises do not have government support. The market does not help. Therefore, the Government of Gujarat announced the creation of a cluster for such MSMEs.

8 groups were identified at the initial level. Then such groups were to be formed in every district of the state. The purpose of which was to provide employment and security. Which has failed miserably.

Along with Modi from Gujarat, he sought financial support from the Indian government. Demanded eight groups to sustain small and medium enterprises.

Earlier, the central government approved two groups in Surat. The cluster has not yet started a weak Rupani government for diamonds and engineering. The proposal for the other six has been sent to the Center. Which Modi did not approve. They are doing injustice to Gujarat.

MSME clusters are to be formed in Ahmedabad, Surat, Anand, Navsari, Surendranagar, Mehsana and Sabarkantha.

The cluster included diamond cutting, diamond glazing, plastic production, packaging, foodstaff, precious stone and engineering industries.

The central government has launched a cluster development program called MSE-CDP. In which information technology, skill development, quality improvement, market availability and investment are important.