Digital sanitizer, kills Corona virus in 10 seconds with a smartphone’s flashlight

Sanitizer, soap washing and social distance are maintained to avoid infection. Now scientists have created a digital sanitizer “Uvilen”. Smartphone flashlights can kill viruses and bacteria like corona.

Uvilen has been developed by the South Korean company (UVLN). Using a phone device, the smartphone claims to kill bacteria through the flash light. This device converts the flash light of the phone into ultra violet light. Ultra Violet is used to kill micro viruses.

Once a clip is made, it has to be placed on the flash light on the back of the phone. Turn on the flash light within 10 seconds of the virus was not gone.
The new invention is going to be launched in the market soon.

The UVLN will cost 25 25 – Rs 1,887. However the World Health Organization has said that ultra violet light can cause skin disease. May have the opposite effect on the illumination of the eyes. If there is no damage from ultraviolet rays of wavelength 207 to 222 nanometers.

Is clinically certified and has passed the test. It can be used to kill the virus on the hands 50 times a day. It can be used every 15 minutes. Smartphones have become smarter now.