GST scam of Maharaja Spice firm was caught in Unjha, Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 3 July 2020

In Unjha, Gujarat, raids were conducted on firms trading cumin, fennel, ereca nuts, ryegrass and all spice crops. Tax evasion and transport scam have come to light in Unja. In this way, business scams are happening all over Unjha, yet the BJP’s Rupani government has sat down with folded hands.

Sanjay Prahlad Patel, owner of business firm Maharaja Spice, was raided. Total tax evasion of Rs 3.81 crore has been detected in two years 2017-18 and 2018-19. The notice was issued by the GST department.

On 3 December 2019, the notice was issued by the GST department to Sanjay Prahlad Patel, the owner of Maharaja Spice in Unjha. In which the Assistant Commissioner of Flying Squad of Ahmedabad was asked to pay a total of Rs 2.87 crore.

The theft of Rs 2.87 crore has been described for 9 months from 1 July 2017 to 31 March 2018. Of this, Rs 1.73 crore in taxes, Rs 90 lakh in interest and Rs 26 lakh in fines together are Rs 2,89,16,235.

The raid ran for 5 consecutive days from 29 April 2019 to 3 May 2019.

Merchant Sanjay does not keep stock of goods. They do not keep merchandise to sell, they also trade. Strange business is happening. No warehouse. The trader said in his interrogation that he receives an inward supply of goods and an immediate external supply. Hisabo’s books were confiscated.

E-way bills were created for external supply. In which some bills have been canceled. When asked the reason, Sanjay P. Patel did not say. Thus, the cancellation of e-way bill brought out tax evasion. Of this, the total e-way bill canceled in 2018-19 was Rs 3.37 crore. At which 2.5 percent GST is calculated as Rs 8.44 lakh and the same amount of CGST as 15 percent penalty, which is a total of Rs 22.62 lakh. Patel was given notice.

Scam in Part B of e-way bill

Part-B of the e-way bill is not filled. So that short sales can be shown. A total of Rs 47.62 lakh worth of cumin of e-way bill for 2018-19 is hidden. A total fine of Rs 3.20 lakh was levied on interest, penalty and tax.

Sale before purchase

Sanjay P. Patel is a businessman who did not buy cumin and sold it to a consignment truck. Such trade has not happened anywhere in the world. A total of Rs 32.61 lakh was recovered. In which the government had asked to pay Rs 2.22 lakh along with interest, penalty and tax. Sanjay was ready to pay tax after he was caught stealing.

He confessed to the theft and made an e-payment of Rs 28.46 lakh to the GST department.

Om transport and Sai roadline scam

The partnership of Om Transport and Sai Roadline emerged. LR of Maharaja Spices was found. Checked merchant’s accounts. There were 53 types of merchant sales receipts but no such merchant transactions were found. The total sales were 6.82 crores. In which the government immediately asked Sanjay to pay Rs 50.45 lakh and he paid Rs 12.87 lakh. A total of 89 trucks worth Rs 2.44 crore were sold without paying tax.

Sadguru is a big scam

A firm of Sanjay P. Patel turned out to be a fake firm after investigating about Rs.1.41 transport for Sadguru Transport for 2017-18. His GST number turned out to be fake. The number was known as the Flower Systronics City Complex. Mukesh Ishwar Patel is the owner of Sadguru Logistics. He was in the business of commissioning agricultural produce. But currently they are working as laborers. Thus, by making a laborer of Unjha the owner of a business, crores of rupees were stolen in his name.

13 crore business is also fake

The GST department had seized Rs 12.95 crore in sales. It was not a trade but fake bills were made without trade. No evidence of its sale was found. It was a fake trade. In addition, the purchase showed Rs 13 crore. But no such transaction took place.

60 lakh service income

The audit report for the year 2017-18 shows service income of Rs 60.22 lakh which is not taxable. The Flying Squad has announced severe fines and interest.

A similar scam was caught in the year 2018-19.

Transport scam

During the raid, it was revealed that a similar tax evasion scam was perpetrated in 2018-19, by Maharaja Spice owner Sanjay Prahlad Patel. In which notice was issued for paying tax of Rs 92.46 lakh. A total of 3.38 crore rupees of trade was hidden. In which it was found that the goods were taken by Om Transport and Sai Roadline. That business did not show up in Patel’s accounts. Thus the transport scam was also found in the second year of trade. Sanjay immediately paid Rs 13 lakh to the government for catching these fraudulent transactions.

Rs 4 crore receipts from Sadguru Transport were also seized. Upon investigation, this scam was found. Because the GST number of Sadguru Logistics was shown, it was the GST number in the name of a company called Flower Systronics. Thus this major transport scam was exposed.

Cumin sales bill, transport receipt, e-way bill, Form 402 nothing found. No such bills or receipts of Rs 5 crores were found. Similar scams occurred in the purchase of Rs 4 crore.

In addition, some sales receipts of Rs 13 lakh were received from Jia Roadlines, but transactions with it have also been found to be controversial. Thus, in the second year also, suspicious transaction tax of Rs 92.46 lakh has been stolen.