Earthquake of 2001, 90 disabled – poor condition of patients in Kutch due to corona

Bhuj, 25 April 2020

In the earthquake of 2001 in Kutch, 500 people became disabled or sick. Currently 90 patients are living a bad life. His condition has worsened in Corona.

In Bhachau 7, Ambardi-2, Chobari-4, Vondh-7, Bandhadi-2, Manfra-2, Dudhai-4, Chirai-2, Chhadwada-4 patients live.

The government pays the patient Rs. 2500 is found.

Wheelchairs, cradles, medicine, equipment are available. Can’t find medicine outside. Many patients have sores on the back.

Relief has been provided by Bhojay Trust, Bidda Sarvodaya Trust, Navjivan Viklang Sevashram. There is a demand today for this patient to arrange something. The patient’s family did not receive kits, cash assistance.

All of them are given necessary medicine, ointment, cotton, bandages, diapers, canisters etc. every month by Bhuj General Hospital. Assistance, advice, treatment to such a patient is discontinued after 19 December 2019.

Hansaben has been bedridden since 2001 when the beads broke. Taking care of her, her husband Punjabhai Waghabhai Fafal Rahe Bharpaliya Bhachauwala is having a hard time getting any facility after December. His wife has to be picked up and taken to the toilet. Canister bags have to be fitted for urination.

This is a problem for many families. At the time of the earthquake, there were about 500 patients with such deformities in Kutch, many of whom recovered, some died, and finally 160. There are now about 90 permanent patients.

They have been troubled by the lockout of the corona for a month now after the earthquake.