Education Minister Bhupendra Chudasama lost the election, his teachers and students thus lost the exam

Ahmedabad, June 10, 2020
After Gujarat’s Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama lost the election case in the High Court, it also had a direct impact on his department. The department’s education has deteriorated. The result of standard 10 of Gujarat board has come in which 40% students have failed. This percentage is 6.33% higher than the previous year. There is a need to think seriously about the deteriorating level of education in Gujarat. Education experts have disclosed this.

Gujarat board result is 10th in which 60.64% students have passed. This percentage is 6.33% lower than the previous year. This year only 1671 students passed the A1 grade. Last year, 4974 students passed the A1 grade. There has been an increase in the number of students passing only D grade this year as compared to the previous year. In which 13977 students have passed from D grade this year. Last year the number was 6288. This is a matter of great concern. The lowest result is 47.47% in the tribal district of Dahod.

Rupani government failure

An internal survey conducted by the Gujarat government in 2019 showed that Gujarat has 12000 primary schools with one or two teachers. 9000 schools do not have playgrounds. The BJP’s victory is the biggest failure of the Rupani government. He is defeated in his Principal High Court, yet he has Vijay Rupani Chalu as his education minister.

In Gujarat, 11376 primary schools are running on sheeted roofs. Also, more than 10,000 new classrooms are dilapidated.

As per the information given by the Education Minister in the Vidhan Sabha in December 2019, there are 2371 vacancies for teachers in secondary schools. Of these, 494 are English and 884 are science and mathematics teachers.

The Higher Secondary School has a vacancy of 4020 teachers. Gujarat Right to Education Forum has written to the government many times before that there is a need to improve the standard of education in the state. Mujahid Nafees of Gujarat’s Right to Education Forum said.