Ration card scam: There are poor people in Gujarat who have a car and buy government grain cheaply on ration cards 

Gandhinagar, 23 November 2020

Ration card scam was caught in the name of Morari Das Haryanvi, Ramayana story taller. Ration cards were issued in the name of Surat billionaire diamond businessman Vasant Gajera, Sharad Dhanani, brother of Paresh Dhanani of Congress and Chandu Sanghani, brother of BJP leader Dilip Sanghani. It is also alleged that 40 to 50 thousand fake ration cards have been made 33 district across the state. There are 5 lakh ration cards in the name of the rich in the state. On March 21, 2018, a food scam worth Rs 12,000 crore was introduced in the assembly. Despite this, the BJP-led government did not take any action.

Now, with pressure from the central government, the search for ration cards issued in the name of bungalows and car owners will begin in a week. But no action has been taken against any Mamlatdar who issued the ration card. In the past, there are about 80 such maltadars who have signed fake ration cards. No action was taken by the Rupani government of Gujarat before him.

Nathalal Sukhadia

Social leader Nathalal Sukhadia, who exposed the scam, said, the government can investigates. People who get pension after retiring from government jobs also take cheap food grains of the poor. Take advantage of NFSA scheme. There is no need for cheap food grains, they have vehicles like cars, and they get ration card grains.

Operation from 1 December 2020

3.36 crore people from 69 lakh poor families of the state take food grains. The Department of Birth and Death, Department of transport, after a week with the Aadhaar card, from December 1, 2020, the government will find the ration card. Will go house to house to find the owner of the cars. The help of Regional Transport – RTO office will also be taken by the system to hold the cars of ration card holders. Will get data from people who have vehicles like cars. Based on this data, fake people will be caught with cars. In fact, such people do not even know that someone takes grain in their name and scam worth crores of rupees is done. Not a car owner, but taluka officials give fake cards.

Can be 2 million cards

Names of rich people with cars will be removed from the ration card. In 2020, in Ahmedabad, over a period of 2 months, 1000 people were found who used to fake cards. The names of those who have not taken food grains for one year have also been removed from the ration card. Every house will be surveyed. In Gujarat, in 2013, the names of households and cars living in urban areas were removed. From 2013 to 2017, 1.6 lakh fake ration cards were caught. Out of 4.50 crore fake ration works caught in the country in 7 years, Gujarat may have 20 lakh fake cards. People are given Rs 3, Rs 2 and Rs 1 per kg of rice, wheat and grains respectively every month.

17 thousand fake cards in Rajkot

After the ration card was linked to the Aadhaar card in Rajkot in 2018, 17,500 BPL, Antyodaya and NFS in Rajkot city alone are being considered fake. As the Aadhar card has not yet been linked with the ration card. In Amreli, a fake card was given for 1000 rupees. Yet the Rupani government has not taken enough action.

30 people were arrested

In February 2020, the Ahmedabad cybercrime police created fake bills by giving food grains through fake fingerprints. The gang has been successful in cracking the biometric system and fingerprinting power or password, even if it belongs to a high-ranking Mamlatdar. In which 30 people were arrested.

12 thousand crores scam

The grain scam was named after Morari Bapu. A ration card was also made in his name. Ration cards were issued in the name of Surat billionaire diamond businessman Vasant Gajera, Sharad Dhanani, brother of opposition leader Paresh Dhanani, and Chandu Sanghani, brother of BJP leader Dilip Sanghani. It is also alleged that 40 to 50 thousand fake ration cards have been made per district across the state. 4,900 such ration cards were seized in Vadodara. 51,000 fake ration cards were seized in Surat. On March 21, 2018, Leader of the Opposition Paresh Dhanani introduced a Rs 12,000 crore ration grain scam in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. The government then announced that no one would be released. But nothing happened.

100 crore scam per month

According to Nathalal Sukhadia, Amreli saved 9.22 lakh kg wheat, 3.7 lakh kg sugar and 33,544 kg rice and 2.89 lakh liters of kerosene in a month in April 2018 as compared to March 2018 after coming to SCAM. This means that every month Rs 100 crore worth of goods are being taken across the state in the name of fake people. This is a big proof that 100 crore rupees have been scammed every month. Gujarat BJP leaders side-lined the entire chapter. Rs.3,000 crore worth of poor food grains in Amreli in the market with the rich was going. Which was 12 thousand crores all over Gujarat.

Missing data

The names of the grain takers were put online. Anyone who could see the data was lost by the Rupani government as soon as the scam was exposed. Not only Amreli but online data of food consumers across the state was made missing. Hence the Rs 12,000 crore scam was suppressed. The scam has been suppressed from Gandhinagar itself. In this scam, about 200 Mamlatdars who gave fake coupons can be caught. Such a big scam would not have been possible without the help of political leaders. Their names could also be opened. Therefore, this great scam has been exposed.

Digital data hack

In 2016, the Government of Gujarat announced the Annapurna Scheme. Grain was stolen by obtaining biometric data, by hacking or stealing software. In which fake ration cards were issued. Dead, foreign-born and millionaire people were shown poor and cheap grain was taken off the market and sold at 10 times the price.

Scam was suppressed

On February 11, 2018, the NFSA was exposed for registering ration cards, hacking their fingerprint data, taking out coupons every month and the government food scam. RTI activist Ajay Jagid highlighted the matter in a press conference. Data was stolen from more than 10 million people. The message comes when the ration is released. But only 94 thousand ration card figures have been surveyed. Messages were not sent to the remaining coupon holders.

The country’s largest digital scam

The grain scam of Gujarat is considered to be the largest digital grain scam in the country. 1.26 crore in Gujarat carry cheap food grains. In which only 94 thousand poor family were informed by sending a message in the system. Everything else is fake and its grain was being eaten by officials and politicians. Thus, Gujarat’s biggest food scam ever. BJP’s CM Vijay Rupani government’s grain scam is bigger than Lalu Prasad’s fodder scam.

Created a government server

Ration is generated from the code. From water cards based on fake documents, fake ration cards have become. The data was hacked using software from NFSA card holders. The accused, identified as Mayur Sharma, had obtained biometric finger data of ration card holders from the arrested accused Rahul earlier and tampered with the government’s EPFS application. Created similar software and data server and gave it to other proper shop licensees including Rahul.

Fake software

They used fake software for Rs. Sold from 9,000 to 15,000. Kalpesh Shah, a resident of Ranjit Society in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, was also involved in the entire scam. Kalpesh Shah obtained biometric fingerprint data of ration card holders from an employee of Terra Soft Company for Rs 7 lakh. This data was later given to Rahul. The agencies behind data collection have not been investigated. Two accused, including a software engineer living in Adajan area of ​​Ahmedabad and Surat, were arrested. Mayur Sharma created the new software after getting the data from an accused named Rahul. Through which fake electronic coupons were generated. The task of collecting biometric finger data was entrusted to soft companies.

12 lakh kg grain scam per month in Surat

In 2020, the Aam Aadmi Party caught the cheap food scam. In which the government did not take any action. Earlier, in March 2018, it was revealed in Surat city that 84 crore grains were sold in the black market in two years. In which 51,881 cards of 2.50 lakh people were canceled after conspiring to sell 12.50 lakh kg of government food grains on ration cards in the name of MPs, MLAs, community leaders and rich people. Rupees. 3.50 crore was coming out. Maximum 32,908 ration cards have been converted to non-NFSA in the Nimbu region.

BJP leader in food scam

On January 29, 2018, the BJP leader’s scandal surfaced in Kutch Bhuj. The grain supplied to the poor from the warehouse of the Civil Supplies Corporation in Bhuj was sold in Gujarat, other parts of the country and abroad. The revelation was made by Congress leader Adam Chhaki. He conducted a sting operation on Ghiran Bhanu Thakkar and his brother Hiren Thakkar, who is the president of Bhuj Municipality of BJP.

Jasdan grain scam

On 13 May 2016, Rs. Crimes against five accused in the Rs 45 lakh ration food scam – licenses of three ration shopkeepers revoked. Of the 70 to 80 shopkeepers in Jasdan-Vinchia area, 55 received receipts.

Scam in Kutch

On 18 February 2018, grain worth Rs.47 lakh was seized in Kutch. A complaint was filed against Mahendra Ranchod Soni. In which the goods of 18 lakh rupees were from the government cheap food shops.

This scam was not investigated in Ahmedabad

On February 23, 2018, Ahmedabad police raided the Mahalaxmi and Saraswati factories of Mathuradas Maheshwari and recovered Rs. 3,200 kg of wheat and 17,920 kg of rice worth Rs 8.10 lakh were seized. Mazhar Sheikh and Mathuradas Maheshwari were arrested. If investigated, more fake ration cards can be found in Ahmedabad than in Surat and Vadodara.

Grain sold in the name of the deceased

Mamlatdar, civil supply officer and the deceased’s ration card issuing Talati should be opinion which has not been investigated. The Mamlatdar who approves it should be examined.