Formed Mahila Balinese Milk Company to end Amul dairy cooperatives

Mahila Balinese Milk Company

(Dilip Patel)
Amul collects 2.50 crore liters of milk daily from 2.70 crore cattle. Which is collected by 36 lakh women through 38 milk production factories with a capacity of 2.72 crore liters per day.

Capitalist governments are now setting up milk companies instead of cooperatives. Established in the year 2019 with 40,000 members, Balinese Milk Producers Company Limited is transforming the lives of rural women in 800 villages across 6 districts.

Mahila Bali Milk Company has revolutionized the dairy business. In Bundelkhand districts like Banda, Chitrakoot, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Jhansi and Lalitpur, women have established Bali Milk Production Company.

Areas known for dry land, drought, poverty and migration. In Balinese Milk Producer Company Limited for three years, the woman is earning two to three thousand more than milk production for her family.

Anand’s NDDB has provided technical support. 40,000 members The average milk purchase till March 2022 was 1 lakh kg per day. The payment for milk purchase till February 2022 was Rs 185 crore.

If Anand’s NDDB can help women from other states, why can’t it start such a company in Gujarat. However, the cooperative sector may end with the success of this company.

In Gujarat 36 lakh members are associated with milk production cooperatives. 96 lakh cows, 1.05 crore buffaloes. There are 18 lakh sheep and 50 lakh goats. The total livestock is 2.70 crores. The capacity of 38 milk production factories is 2.72 crore liters per day. The capacity of 124 cooling units is 10 million liters.

In Gujarat, 13 animal feed factories produce 11,000 tonnes of animal feed per day.

The country produces 200 million tonnes of jude. India has 30 percent of the world’s livestock, although it accounts for 21 percent of the world’s milk production. Second only to America.

India produces an average of 18.62 kg of milk per animal per year. Amul Cooperative operates in 50 countries. The third brand is Amul. Now the government itself seems to be getting down on the ground of ending the cooperative.