Controversy over Sabar dairy ‘s UHT milk plant still, milk boiled at 72 ° C loses many elements

સાબર ડેરી
સાબર ડેરી

Gandhinagar, 16 December 2020

In the land kept from the sales document in 2016-17, panchayats approval was not sought for the UHT plant maintained by Sabar dairy and no non-cultivation was done. NA by Suborder Millions of rupees plant has been commissioned without commissioning. 3 million liters of milk is received daily from 2 thousand milk societies of Sabarkantha and Aravali districts.

There is a huge controversy over Sabar dairy  UHT milk. Dr. It is considered a big mistake of Kurian. Dairy dominated among BJP leaders. Now it’s time to think about people’s health.

UHT Milk

The Sabar dairy UHT plant was built at a cost of Rs 110 crore. The milk remains at a normal temperature for up to 6 months without refrigeration. Milk is packed in 200 gram and 1 liter packs.

3 village land

The plant has been set up on three grams of land adjacent to Himmatnagar in Sabar dary . Boria-Piplodi, Hadiol Panchayat has become a chieftain on 50 acres. In 2017, the tax money of these 3 panchayats was also outstanding. A panchayat was not taxed for 23 acres.

Dairy UHT Milk Controversy

The Sabar dairy  UHT process is the process of heating or pasting milk. Nutritionally UHT milk is weakened by fresh pasteurized milk. Iodine is reduced by one-third. Protein quality decreases during storage.

All harmful pathogens, including spores, die at high temperatures. At the same time, the milk-degrading enzyme-enzyme is removed. Milk can be stored at room temperature for 6 to 9 months.

Land dispute

In 2016-17, panchayat approval was not sought for the UHT plant built by Sabar dairy  in the land obtained from the sales document.

Non-cultivation was also not done. NA by Sabar dairy this multi-million rupee plant was started without doing it.

Boil milk at a temperature of 72 degrees

UHT milk heats the milk to a very high 72 ° C for less than 15 seconds. Destroys any harmful bacteria and microbes. Cools down immediately. Destroys bacteria for long shelf life.

Preservatives are used in milk

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used as a preservative in milk and milk products. Because it prevents the spread of germs and the possibility of milk spoilage. The effect of hydrogen peroxide on the nutritional quality of milk depends on its quantity and the concentration used.

Stays away for 9 months

UHT lasts 6 to 9 months (until opened) in milk. It has been in use since 1993. UHT milk does not need to be cooled or boiled. Milk can be directly drunk without heating.

Once a tetra pack is uncovered, it should be refrigerated and drank within two days.

Vitamins are reduced

UHT milk is slightly lower in thymine, vitamins B12 and B6 and folate than fresh cold milk. But UHT milk is still an excellent dairy food for toddlers. Folate occurs.

Taste varies

The taste of UHT milk is slightly different from that of dairy or fresh milk. This is because various flavors come from high temperatures during the process. Some people call it a little burnt. The taste changes upon heating, which is why UHT milk does not have a taste like pasteurized fresh milk. UHT milk should be destroyed if there is a change in smell, taste or appearance. Traditionally, French people used cold milk, tea with milk or breakfast.