Gujarat will have to spend Rs 1,000 crore for the National Games


Gujarat will have to spend Rs 1,000 crore for the National Games.

Games organized after 7 years in Gujarat

In 2015, the National Games were held in Kerala. The Games are now being organized after a gap of 7 years.

Sports Minister Harsh Sanghvi said on July 13, 2022 that he is happy with Gujarat’s readiness to host the National Games through the Indian Olympic Association. The sports sector infrastructure in the state was assessed in consultation with the Indian Olympic Association and the National Sports Federation of India. According to him, Gujarat is ready for planning.

7,000 players from across the country will showcase their strength in 34 indoor and outdoor sports including Athletics, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Judo, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Mallakhambha and Yogasan. Gujarat will enhance its existing infrastructure to host the Games. Arrangements can be made at the appropriate time and as per the rules of the Association.

Gujarat is keen to host the most talented sportspersons of the country on the biggest sports platform. By making best use of the existing infrastructure, Gujarat will set an excellent example and role model for other states by organizing mega sporting events like National Games in a span of 3 months.
The meeting was attended by Ashwani Kumar, Principal Secretary, Sports and Youth Services Department, Rishin Bhatt, Secretary, Sports Authority of Gujarat and other officers of the department.

Over 7,000 top players from across the country are expected to show their strength in 34 sports including Athletics, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Judo, Khushi, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Mallakhambha and indoor and outdoor sports.

It will be held in 6 cities namely Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. Gujarat, which has been involved in the Olympic movement, will make better use of its existing infrastructure to host the Games.

Recently the 11th Khel Mahakumbh was held with the registration of 55 lakh students. In June 2022, the State Sports In-charge Ministers’ Conference was held at Kevadia.

General Rajeev Mehta, General Secretary, Indian Olympic Association expressed happiness over Gujarat’s readiness to host the National Games. The sports sector infrastructure in the state was assessed in consultation with the Indian Olympic Association and the National Sports Federation of India and in their view, Gujarat is well prepared for the event.

Gujarat will have to spend Rs 1,000 crore for the National Games.

In 2018, Rs 750 crore was allocated for sports in Uttarakhand. 250 crore was proposed for the National Games. Rs 496 crore allocated for National Sports Infrastructure Development. In which Narendra Modi demanded Rs 500 crore from the central government. But the National Games could not be organized as it was not given. The state government had sent a proposal of Rs 719.44 crore for infrastructure development works and Rs 249.97 crore for the scheme to the central government.

The Gujarat government will also have to ask the central government for Rs 500 crore or 50 per cent of the Rs 1,000 crore expenditure.

On June 29, 2022, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Secretary General Rajeev Mehta announced that the National Games, which have been postponed several times due to various reasons, will be held in several cities of Gujarat in September-October this year. , The IOA took the decision after the Gujarat Olympic Association and the state government showed interest in hosting the Games jointly. After several delays the games will take place. he said. Decision taken in quick time.

The Gujarat government has announced the chief minister after 10 days.

“We are happy to accept the proposal of the State Olympic Association to host the Games,” the Gujarat government wrote in a letter to the IOA.

A general meeting was also convened to approve the hosting of the National Games with important decisions.

The last national game was held in Kerala in 2015. Goa was to host the 36th edition in November 2016. Due to the state’s inability to build adequate infrastructure after two delays in 2018 and 2019, the Games were postponed to 2020.

There is still controversy. The top officials have the power to make decisions and then seek the approval of the IOA General Assembly. Approved by NSF and state organizations through email.

The matter of IOA dispute is pending in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Then Kovid-19 was forced to postpone the National Games and

The Goa government was still unsure whether it would be able to organize them this year. Goa has told the IOA that it will not be able to host the National Games this year. So, let Gujarat host the Games, which is good for all. We think Gujarat has potential as the state government has supported the proposal.

We can organize national games like Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya one after the other. Gujarat can provide the necessary infrastructure to host the National Games in such a short span of time as the state has the best facilities for various sports. IOA teams will inspect the facilities.

National game village will have to be created.

what are the disputes

ACB has charged 14 people in the 34th National Sports Scam in 12 years. CBI is investigating. On 26 May 2022, the CBI raided 16 places across the country including Jharkhand. A scam of Rs 28 crore 38 lakh has happened in the 34th National Games.

The NGO’s then working president Ram Kumar Anand, secretary Syed Matlub Hashmi, then director Prakash Chandra Mishra and sections 406, 409, 420, 467, 468, 471, 120 (b) of IPC were introduced. ,


Treasurer Madhukant Pathak had lodged an FIR under Section 109 and Section 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. The organization of the 34th National Games was accused of irregularities in the purchase of tenders for sporting goods, equipment and special services.


ACB chargesheet


January 9, 2015: NGO secretary Syed Matlub Hashmi and director PC Mishra named accused.


April 14, 2016: Madhukant Pathak, NGOC Treasurer


2 December 2019: Ram Kumar Anand (RK Anand), Working President of NGOC and then Sports Minister and Vice President of NGOC, main accused Bhai Tirkey.

September 2, 2021: Hira Lal Das, a member of the main accused tender committee

16 December 2021: Suvimal Mukhopadhyay, a member of the primary accused tender committee


March 14, 2022: Sukdev Subodh Gandhi, a member of the primary accused tender committee


March 28, 2022: Shiv Prakash Singh, Rajnish Kumar, Dharmendra Chadha (all three sports goods suppliers), Surendra Singh, owner of Surendra Tourist Service


30 March 2022: Initial charge of M/s Praveen Kumar Budhia against New misconduct

4 April 202: Binod Malik, owner of M/s Ghazal Caterer, Faridabad, acted by the primary accused Jotring.

What happened in Uttarakhand – Delay

The National Games allotted to the state in 2014 were to be held in Uttarakhand in 2018, but it did not happen. The preparation for the game was incomplete. After four years, the Games could not be organized in 2022. It was not to be for another year.


250 crore was proposed for the National Games. Rs 496 crore allocated for National Sports Infrastructure Development.

Two major and six satellite locations were selected by the department for the games. The main places were Dehradun and Haldwa. Apart from this, competitions were proposed to be organized in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gularbhoj, Rudrapur, Nainital and Pithoragarh.

No financial help was received from the Modi government at the Centre. Financial assistance was sought from the Central Government on behalf of the State Government for the National Games. For this, the first installment of Rs 500 crore was demanded, but the state did not get any help from the Center.

The decision to hold in 2024 was finally made.


The state was preparing to host the 38th National Games in 2024.


Financial assistance was also not being received from the Central Government on time, due to which the National Sports Festival could not be organized. However, about Rs 150 crore was approved by the state government for this. The state government had sent a proposal of Rs 719.44 crore for infrastructure development works and Rs 249.97 crore for the scheme to the central government.

How many players of Gujarat have participated in the National Games so far and how many have got awards.


Sports facilitis are not available in Gujarat

The competition has to be completed in two or three days.

Out of 34 sporting events in the 38th National Games in 2021, only 29 Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat government has decided to remove five sports from the National Games. A proposal in this regard will soon be sent to the Indian Olympic Association. Canceled cycling, horseback riding, golf, modern pentathlon, sailing sports.

There are football, squash, swimming, boxing, golf, rowing, kayaking, sailing, salami, fencing, taekwondo, cycling, wrestling, hockey, yoga.

There is no velodrome facility for cycling anywhere in the state. 400 meters of track space is required. Instead of building sports villages in Dehradun and Haldwani, housing colonies and flats will have to be kept.

who dominates

In the 2019 Student National Games, players dominated in Maharashtra. 2800 players came from 26 states. Despite having experience of Khel Mahakumbh in Gujarat, students could not organize National Games.



Jharkhand has announced that it will not participate in the National Games to be held in Goa. The government has no focus on sports and sportsperson development. Scholarships of many players are closed. There was no direct appointment. Jharkhand will not participate in any national sport until the government resolves all these issues. JOA is the parent organization of all state sports federations. There is a sports association. The games were scams.


National Games in Vadodara will be Malkhamb, Handball, Table Tennis-TT, Judo. Members of SOI-Indian Olympic Association reviewed 6 sports.


The National Sports Inspection Team is working to investigate the grounds, facilities and changes that are needed in Vadodara.


The Sports Authority of India and the members of the Indian Olympic Association reviewed the 6 sports that could have been stopped.

Table Tennis, Judo National-State level competitions are also played here. Vadodara has been a leader in the field of Malkhamb since years. While in Manjalpur Sports Complex, a host of Khokhos can be found.

There are facilities for the players to stay at Sama and Manjalpur Sports Stadium in Vadodara. The players will be offered a stay in a three-star hotel.


The national sport would include rugby.

Ahmedabad Riverfront Water Game

On 5th July 2022, officials of Indian Jal Sangh visited Ahmedabad. National level tournament is going to be organized in Ahmedabad riverfront.

Indian Water Association President Prashant Kushwaha and General Secretary Bhagwat Singh Vanar. Rowing and work were discussed to plan for King and Canoeing.

The Ahmedabad Riverfront National Game will start in the last 15 days of September. In which players from 60 countries will participate.


The river bank is in the middle of the city. Parking is convenient. Required equipment for Gujarat government water. If Gujarat government will arrange equipment for this game. Riverfront has better facilities than the international level. 42 different sports will be organized. It will be organized in 5 cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar.

What is Bhupendra Patel called?

The 36th National Sports Festival will be held in Gujarat from 27 September to 10 October 2022. The six metropolitan cities of the state will be in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. The state government is ready to organize a sports festival in three months using the existing infrastructure.


Khel Mahakumbh is being organized in Gujarat since 2010. Gujarat has a sporting culture and a perfect ecosystem. There were 55 lakh players in the 11th Khel Mahakumbh. National and international players like Sarita Gaikwad, Mana Patel, Harmeet Desai, Murli Gavint are in Gujarat. By announcing sports policy and promising investment in sports, Gujarat will have facilities including world class sports complex. Techniques are being developed. Sports University Gujarat has started training.

Arjuna Award to two players

Women were awarded the National Sports Awards 2021. Ankita Raina is a tennis player of Tokyo Olympics. 28-year-old Ankita Raina became the first female athlete from Gujarat to qualify for the Olympics. Ankita Raina won the bronze medal in the 2018 Asian Games. Bhavna Patel won silver medal in Paralympics.

Gujarat International badminton star Harmeet Desai was honored with the Arjuna Award.

Kamlesh Nanavati is into the game of water polo.