Government has purchased farm produces worth Rs.8,000-crore

The workshop for intensive natural farming with detailed information and guidelines has
been organized by the State Government by Agriculture Technology Management Agency
(ATMA) in collaboration with Agricultural Farmers’ Welfare and Cooperation Departments.
Nearly 5-lakh farmers are
practicing natural farming in Andhra Pradesh, 50,000 in Himachal Pradesh and likewise in
other states.
One cow can sustain farming on 30 acre land with the application of Subhash Palekar method of natural farming. Natural farming
reduces expenditure and adds to production, at the same time check fertile land turning
barren due to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Natural farming is the best remedy from
global warming, saving water consumption by 50 to 60 per cent and preserving Gir and
Kankrej cows.

agricultural production has gone up to 125-lakh metric tonnes during the last two decades
and that of raw cotton increased from 20 lakh bales to 1.20-crore bales.
Government has purchased farm produces worth Rs.8,000-crore
from farmers during the last three years, and extended Rs.3,800-crore assistance to
farmers affected due to unseasonal rains.
Padma Shri Subhash Palekar described natural farming as the best method as answer to
global farming, climate change, food insecurity, diseases, rural exodus and urban pull,
natural disasters and ill-effects of mechanization.
He shared his resolve to make all the 18,000 villages of Gujarat as Ideal Villages.