Technology patent company will process cow dung in a way that promotes growth of roots, leaves, plants, fruits, yield

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

The Pune-based company has a patent for separating water and solids from rabari-dung water. Swati Agro and Bio-Products Pvt. Using the K protocol. Whose protocol has been developed by this company. It has been patented. In which manure is made by mixing germs and elements. Root Auxiliary Fluid – Crop root ingress fluid is made from rabri-dung. Which is given by digging near the roots. There are 4 types of liquid crop growing. Which increases the yield of roots, leaves, plants, fruits. In addition, rubber base fluids have been designed to prevent the spread of dangerous fungal diseases.

7 things will work in the field

If farmers use these 7 items as a package for any crop, then there is great benefit. In addition, these 7 items will be made in the Farmers Cooperative Society plant. The way milk is dairy. It can also be made in a district or taluka center.

Patent for processing of dung

Swastik has entered into an agreement with the biotech company with a patent for the scientific processing of rabdi-dung. It has developed techniques to separate both solid and liquid. Solids are rich in phosphorus-rich organic matter. The liquid has 6 products. It is an organic certified company.

Founder of Milk Producers Association Tribhuvandas Patel

Born on 26 November 1921 in Calicut village, Kerala, the father of the White Revolution was Dr. Varghese Kurien was the third of four siblings. The father was a surgeon-doctor in the British government. Mother was a skilled pianist. Was very talented in teaching. BSc in Physics from Loyola College, Madras. Curry did engineering. He resigned from his job in Tisco and moved to the US to study at Michigan State University.

According to the plan announced by the British government, 500 young Indian citizens were to be sent abroad for special training, of which Dr. Kurien was one. He wanted a scholarship in metallurgy or physics, but was offered one in dairy engineering. Harichand befriended Dalaya. He returned to India after studying in 1948. Then the country was independent. His maternal uncle John Mathai was the Finance Minister of independent India.

Department of Education to work in Anand Dr. Appointed Kurien. He was not ready to work in Anand. He came to Anand after the government threatened to collect scholarship money. She had to quit her job as a dairy engineer at the Imperial Dairy Research Institute in Bangalore. When placed in Anand, he thought that the Indian government had not done well with him.

In 8 months he became bored with Anand and resigned. When he again agreed to go to Kerala, Tribhuvandas Patel, the founder of the Kheda District Cooperative Milk Producers Association, stopped him for a few days. Seeing the love of the farmers, he stopped and gifted the world as the manager of a cooperative dairy organization.

Project with the help of a private company

He challenged the world famous Nestle Company. Like him the company was blown away by the launch of dairy product. Now it is the same Amul that has set up a fertilizer project with the help of a private Indian company. After making money from milk, now a new way of making money from cow dung has started.

How will NDDB frame the Amul pattern for marketing?

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